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      Socialists and Super PACs

      Last May, Politico reported that Justice Democrats, the congressionally focused insurgent candidate recruitment and training operation that helped launch Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez’s career, started a

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      They’ll Come for Us Next

      Google’s censure of right-wing outlets over repulsive racist content was pushed by the UK’s Center for Countering Digital Hate, an outfit with strong ties to

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      Reclaiming Harrisburg

      On April 8, days after Philadelphia’s official COVID-19 shutdown, Bernie Sanders delivered a video statement announcing the suspension of his presidential campaign. Nikil Saval, candidate

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      The Left in Lockdown

      It’s a bewildering, and for some, demobilizing time. The pandemic has upended all our usual ways of organizing, or even participating in public life. The

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      Planet of the Anti-Humanists

      There is probably no contemporary filmmaker who is more associated with advocacy for trade unions and workers than documentarian Michael Moore. His 1989 breakout documentary,

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      For a Left Cultural Politics

      The deceitful rhetoric of classlessness has permeated the two-party political systems in both the United States and United Kingdom since the days of Reagan and

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