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Trump’s 2020 campaign created a website offering talking points for debating ‘that liberal snowflake relative’ over the holidays

If you’re a supporter of President Trump and felt you’d be called on to defend him over the holidays but weren’t sure what to say, his re-election campaign had you covered.

The campaign created a website intended to provide talking points about the first three years of the 45th president’s first term, as he bids for a second term starting in 2021.

A tweet from an account associated with Brad Parscale, the 2020 campaign’s manager, puts it this way: “We know that at Christmas and holiday time, there’s always that liberal snowflake relative who starts an argument and then runs and hides. This year, don’t let them get away with it.”

The social-media message offers a link to the URL, which provides a 12-point Trump defense, featuring graphics and video.

The site points to Trump’s economic successes first and foremost, if with some syntactical issues: “We are enjoying the hottest and strongest economy this country has seen in 50 years — and this is due to President Trump’s common-sense, job-creating.”

For all his unconventionality, Trump has joined the ranks of presidents staking their political fortunes on the performance of the economy — and, in his case arguably more than others’, the stock market. On Thursday, the Nasdaq Composite Index

COMP, +0.78%

made history with its first close above 9,000, while the Dow Jones Industrial Average

DJIA, +0.37%

and the S&P 500 index

SPX, +0.51%

also closed at all-time highs.

The site defends Trump’s approach to immigration and touts the president’s protectionist trade policies as putting America first. “Look, Donald Trump wasn’t elected President of the World. He was elected President of the United States and so that’s what he cares about,” reads another recommended talking point.

The Trump campaign’s arguments come as the president is facing a Senate impeachment trial that has become a political flashpoint in an already sharply divided Washington.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell said he remains at an impasse with Democratic leaders over the next step of the impeachment process after the House voted to impeach Trump for abusive of power and obstruction of Congress, making him only the third president impeached in U.S. history.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has declined to send the passed articles of impeachment to the Senate until the terms of a trial are established, with McConnell and Sen. Lindsey Graham having offered remarks suggesting to Democrats that a perfunctory process might be in the offing.

Don’t miss: Republican senator ‘disturbed’ by McConnell pledge to coordinate with White House over impeachment trial

For his part, the president spent the holidays at and near his Mar-a-Lago resort in Florida with first lady Melania Trump and is scheduled to return to Washington after the New Year’s holiday, according to reports.

National Public Radio reported on the Trump campaign’s suggested talking points on Christmas Eve.

Ultimately, it appears many Americans have been anything but eager to tackle Trump or Pelosi or the complexion of the 2020 race for the White House as holiday discussion topics, based on recent surveys. According to a Pew Research Center report last year, more than half of Americans say discussing politics with folks they disagree with is “generally stressful and frustrating.”

And perhaps the clearest signal of the degree to which this anxiety, for the average citizen, now surrounds politics is a recent decision by toy maker Mattel

MAT, -2.23%

that it needed to roll out Uno Nonpartisan, a limited-edition spin on the classic card game that scraps red and blue cards for orange and purple ones. “No red or blue cards means no taking sides!” proclaims the packaging, referring to the colors traditionally associated with Republicans and Democrats, respectively.

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Allee Willis, Judi Dench, Bernie Sanders, Lisa Murkowski, Paul Gosar, Madonna, Pietro Boselli, NRA, Kylie Minogue: HOT LINKS

GLOBAL WARMING. Northeast U.S. temperatures rising faster than other states: “The temperatures in four northeastern states, Delaware, New Jersey, Rhode Island and Connecticut, have been among the highest compared to their 20th Century averages over the past five years.”

RIP. Friends theme song writer Allee Willis.

DEUTERONOMY. Judi Dench says her CATS character is transgender.

LOUISVILLE COURIER-JOURNAL. Mitch McConnell has violated his oath of office: “President Donald Trump will soon be on trial in the Senate on grounds that he breached one oath. Senate Leader Mitch McConnell is about to breach two. … History is watching, and it will be a harsh judge.”

2020. Democratic insiders think Bernie Sanders could win the nomination: “It may have been inevitable that eventually you would have two candidates representing each side of the ideological divide in the party. A lot of smart people I’ve talked to lately think there’s a very good chance those two end up being Biden and Sanders,” said David Brock, a longtime Hillary Clinton ally who founded a pro-Clinton super PAC in the 2016 campaign. “They’ve both proven to be very resilient.”

55 PERCENT. Support for Trump conviction and removal hits all-time high.

‘DISTURBED’ Lisa Murkowski is disturbed by Mitch McConnell’s coordination with Trump, but will she do anything?

roger stone khan

ROGER STONE. Trump won’t rule out pardon.

DOUBLE IMPEACHMENT? Could Trump be impeached by the House again? “House Counsel Douglas Letter said in a filing in federal court that a second impeachment could be necessary if the House uncovers new evidence that Trump attempted to obstruct investigations of his conduct. Letter made the argument as part of an inquiry by the D.C. Circuit Court of Appeals into whether Democrats still need testimony from former White House counsel Don McGahn after the votes last week to charge Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.”

REP. PAUL GOSAR. This is how he celebrated Christmas:

NO PRINCE. Someone was missing from the Royal church-walk on Christmas Day.

KYLIE MINOGUE. 2020 needs her: “I’m really jazzed about [the music] to come. I think it’s going to be getting back on the dancefloor, like grown-up disco; that’s where I want it to be. Shimmery.”

PIETRO BOSELLI. Instamodel responds to criticism over trip to Saudi Arabia: “Let’s please stop with this social media culture of outrage and division, and instead foster debate, tolerance and pluralism. These are the real liberal values we need. Not unilateral aggression and finger-pointing, and definitely not any more hatred.”

ISRAEL. Rocket forces Netanyahu off stage. “Whoever fired rockets now, better pack his belongings…”

IF NOT FOR IMPEACHMENT. Rachel Maddow says “slow-motion crash” of NRA would be top U.S. story. “We have watched this conservative political behemoth, with really no equal in conservative politics, we have watched it collapse at breathtaking speed,” observed Maddow during the Christmas Eve edition of her program. “NRA executives and contractors and vendors have extracted hundreds of millions of dollars from the organization’s budget. From gratuitous payment, to sweetheart deals and opaque financial arrangements. Hundreds of millions of dollars they’ve taken out of the NRA!”

DETROIT. Delivery driver filmed running over customer’s package deliberately.

MADAME X-ED. Madonna cancels last show of U.S. tour due to pain.

DUMPSTER QUEENS. Holiday edition.


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Here’s When Kelly Loeffler Will Be Sworn In As A US Senator

A date has been announced for the swearing-in of businesswoman Kelly Loeffler, who is set to become the newest Republican in the Senate.

Loeffler will be sworn in as a United States senator on Jan. 6, a spokesperson confirmed to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. The soon-to-be junior senator from Georgia is replacing outgoing GOP Sen. Johnny Isakson, who announced earlier this year that he’d be leaving office due to his ailing health.

The financial executive — who was chosen by Georgia Gov. Brian Kemp after months of reviewing applications — has pledged to enter office with a fierce conservative agenda.

“I’m a life-long conservative, pro-Second Amendment, pro-Trump, pro-military, and pro-wall,” Loeffler said during an event at the state capitol earlier this month, where Kemp formally announced her as his pick for the Senate. “I make no apologies for my conservative values, and I look forward to supporting President Trump’s conservative judges.”

Kelly Loeffler. YouTube screen grab

The swearing-in date likely means Loeffler will be entering the Senate just as the entire country begins to watch the upper chamber of Congress: Jan. 6 is the first official work day of the Senate, and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell has already set the entire month open in preparation for President Donald Trump’s impeachment hearings. Impeachment could be the businesswoman’s first consequential vote.

Loeffler — a co-owner of Georgia’s WNBA team, the Atlanta Dream, and CEO of Bakkt — has already indicated that she will vote against the Democratic-led effort to remove Trump from the White House.

“Kelly Loeffler will stand with our president, Senator Perdue, and their allies in the House and Senate to keep America great,” Kemp said at the introduction ceremony. “She will end this impeachment circus in Washington, and get Congress back to working for the people of our country.”

The upcoming senator is expected to serve on the Veterans Affairs, Agriculture, and the Health, Education, Labor and Pensions Committees. Her appointment will make David Perdue, also a Republican, the senior senator of the state.

Loeffler’s navigation through the Senate hallways will just be her first hurdles as she enters the political scene. She will have to immediately prepare for election in 2020, as Democrats have become increasingly aggressive in Georgia, and Republican Rep. Doug Collins has not yet ruled out a primary challenge. (RELATED: Georgia Governor Brushes Off Pro-Life Warnings Against His Potential Senate Pick As ‘Ridiculous’)

However, Kemp chose Loeffler because he believes she is the best individual to win back many of the suburban female voters in the state who have left the GOP since the beginning of the Trump-era. The successful businesswoman is also ready to drop millions of her own money to support her candidacy.

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