21 Fake Bangs From TV And Movies


First — and most recently — in You Season 2, where Love had a fresh new ‘do in her flashback.


In Scandal, when Olivia had a thick set of bangs when she worked on Fitz’s campaign.


In Friends, when teenaged Rachel apparently had an affinity for curling and teasing her bangs.


In Bob’s Burgers, when Linda proved that even cartoons can have questionable hairdos!!!


Amy’s hair in Little Women, which suggested that bangs = ~youth~.


In Shadowhunters, when Clary disproved the youth = bangs theory and had her own fringe during a time jump into the future.


In Jane the Virgin, when Petra’s questionable past included some equally questionable bangs.


In Brooklyn Nine-Nine, when we found out Amy had a bouncy bob with bangs when she first started at the precinct.


In Riverdale, when time and space bent every way possible and gave Veronica some bangs.


In How I Met Your Mother, when the creators said Robin could have bangs — as a treat.


In Charlie’s Angels, when Dylan showed off her edgy side with some bleached, blunt bangs.


In 30 Rock, when flashback Liz Lemon took a more mushroom-like approach to her bangs look.


In New Girl, when they actually took away Jess’s bangs to make her seem younger.


In Parks and Rec, when Leslie’s political strides also meant she got a wispy set of bangs.


In Grey’s Anatomy, when the writers went rogue and in an alternate reality, Cristina had this hairstyle.


And the time Grey’s Anatomy also did Ellis Grey dirty by giving her some ill-fitting fake bangs.


In Pretty Little Liars, when all of a sudden five years had passed and Spencer had bangs (which she rocked, not gonna lie!!!).


In Suits, when Donna threw it back the best way she possibly could, with some side bangs.


In Arrow, when Sara proved that her younger self could pull off a blunt bangs ~lewk~.


In Revenge, when the creators gave young Emily the bangs hairstyle we’ve all had at some point in our lives.


And finally, when Big Little Lies decided to have Jane try out a ~fringe~ lewk in Season 2, which jumped ahead to the next school year.

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