21 Things Everyone Who’s From A Small Country Has Definitely Experienced


Explaining where you’re from in relation to the nearest big country…


…Before giving up and just naming the continent.

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Constantly being asked to swear in your little-known native language.


People mistaking food you eat at home for the cuisine of a more ~well known~ country.

Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed


Having that one letter in your dialect that nobody else can ever really get right.

Amy Glover / Via BuzzFeed


Watching so much American TV as a kid that you started using random phrases from it, because your country was too small to make their own media….


…Despite the fact that the average US citizen probably couldn’t point to your country on a map.


Having a signature drink that you can’t find anywhere other than your homeland.

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Getting funny looks from people when you recommend your home remedies, even though you know they’re 100% effective.

Valeza Bakolli / Via BuzzFeed


Knowing someone whose friend’s cousin’s father-in-law fell victim to one of your local superstitions (shouldn’t have stepped into that fairy ring, Sean!).


Giving a half-hour history lesson to anyone who mistakes your country for the bigger one right next to it.


And generally using any opportunity to explain your country’s long and dramatic history whenever somebody takes the tiniest bit of interest.


Having a signature dance that everyone from your country knows at least a bit of..


…And breaking into it at every opportunity, because honestly? The world should be grateful for the chance to see your culture.


Having at least ONE snack you can’t believe the rest of the world is missing out on.


Teaching people how to say your name correctly about fifty times.


Regularly using phrases that make approximately 0% sense in standard English.

Amy Glover / Via BuzzFeed


Being extremely proud of everyone from your country that becomes famous.


And getting ridiculously excited whenever your country is mentioned in a TV show or movie.

European Broadcasting Union


Having almost a sixth sense for recognising other people from your country.


And most importantly, knowing that you have an instant friend in anybody that’s also from this small but special place in the world.

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