45 Days, Duncan Hunter, Amazon, Marriott, Ben Platt, Masks, Tom Brady, Kentucky Derby, Sam Smith: HOT LINKS

45 DAYS. New York Governor Andrew Cuomo says expert projections show the coronavirus outbreak peaking in 45 days: “Speaking to members of the press, Cuomo said that health experts had predicted that the state would need to devote as many as 55,000-110,000 hospital beds to the crisis, including tens of thousands in intensive care units.”

SENTENCED. GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter gets 11 months for campaign finance violations.

AMAZON. Hiring 100,000 workers to deal with coronavirus delivery surge: “The online retailer said it will also temporarily raise pay by $2 an hour through the end of April for hourly employees. That includes workers at its warehouses, delivery centers and Whole Foods grocery stores — all of whom make at least $15 an hour. Employees in the United Kingdom and other European countries will get a similar raise.”

MARRIOTT. Tens of thousands of layoffs coming: “As travel restrictions and social distancing efforts around the world become more widespread, we are experiencing significant drops in demand at properties globally with an uncertain duration,” Marriott said in a statement. “We are adjusting global operations accordingly which has meant either reduction in hours or a temporary leave for many of our associates at our properties.”

RACE LATER. Kentucky Derby postponed

MILLENNIAL ASSHOLES. Hilary Duff goes off on those who go out during the coronavirus crisis.

SIBLING BATTLE OF THE DAY. The brothers Cuomo.

ROBERT MICHAEL PHELPS. 62-year-old Connecticut man arrested for threatening to murder Adam Schiff: “A federal criminal complaint by the US Attorney’s office for Connecticut alleges that the man filled out a form on Schiff’s website for a meeting request on November, 12, 2019, saying he wanted to come and see the congressman, ‘So I can spit in your face and I want to kill you with my bare hands and smash your sick little round fat lying face in.’”

JOE AND AMY? Are there better choices?

SECRET SERVICE PROTECTION. Joe Biden has it again. “A protective detail began its assignment with the former vice president and Democratic front-runner this week, multiple law enforcement officials told NBC News, even as Biden is expected to remain off the campaign trail amid the coronavirus crisis.”

VIRTUAL DANCE PARTY. Ben Platt, Kathryn Gallagher, and Noah Galvin are hosting on social media for their fans who are stuck inside.

TIKTOK. Chinese video-sharing app instructed moderators to suppress posts “created by users deemed too ugly, poor, or disabled for the platform.

MASKS. How telling people they don’t need masks for coronavirus backfired: “…of course masks work — maybe not perfectly and not all to the same degree, but they provide some protection. Their use has always been advised as part of the standard response to being around infected people, especially for people who may be vulnerable. World Health Organization officials wear masks during their news briefings. That was the reason I had bought a few in early January — I had been conducting research in Hong Kong, which has a lot of contact with mainland China, and expected to go back. I had studied and taught about the sociology of pandemics and knew from the SARS experience in 2003 that health officials in many high-risk Asian countries had advised wearing masks.It is of course true that masks don’t work perfectly, that they don’t replace hand-washing and social distancing, and that they work better if they fit properly. And of course, surgical masks (the disposable type that surgeons wear) don’t filter out small viral particles the way medical-grade respirator masks rated N95 and above do. However, even surgical masks protect a bit more than not wearing masks at all.”

WHEN WE WERE YOUNG. Older gays look back at their past careers.

UNITED AIRLINES CHIEF. COVID-19 impact worse than 9/11: “We unequivocally support prudent steps like these to keep the American people safe. But, these actions have also created a fast-moving, financial crisis unlike anything the U.S. airline industry has faced before. In fact, the financial impact of this crisis on our industry is much worse than the stark downturn that we saw in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks.”

TOM HANKS AND RITA WILSON. Out of the hospital. “They’re still self-quarantined obviously, but they’re feeling a lot better so that’s a relief.”

TOM BRADY. He’s leaving the New England Patriots.



TWO FOR TUESDAY. Tomás & Guilherme

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