A women’s-exclusive Air Jordan sneaker is breaking resale records on StockX — and it represents a massive shift in the previously male-dominated community


  • The Off-White Jordan 4 “Sail” recently became the most hyped women’s release in the history of StockX, an online resale marketplace. 

  • The sneakers, which originally went for $200 at resale, broke StockX records among women’s releases by fetching an average resale price of $1,200, or more than 500% over retail, in just 48 hours.
  • Sales of women’s sneakers have grown in the last year, outpacing the market by 70%, according to data from StockX.
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The Off-White Jordan 4 “Sail” sneaker that dropped on Saturday has already broken records on StockX, a leading resale marketplace.

The sneakers, which originally went for $200 at retail, were released in a women’s-exclusive drop for Nike’s female customers. In just 48 hours, the Virgil Abloh-designed pair appeared on the resale market, breaking StockX records by fetching an average resale price of $1,200, or more than 500% over retail. The pair quickly became the women’s release with the highest price premium to sell on StockX in the last 15 years and the most expensive women’s pair to sell in the platform’s history.

Over 1,300 pairs of the Off-White Jordan 4 “Sail” sold on StockX in the first 48 hours of its launch. In terms of price premium, or percent of the increase over original retail price, new sneaker trails only behind the Nike Dunk Low Splatter (W), an 18-year-old sneaker that sold on StockX for more than 1,000% over retail price.

Data also suggests the Off-White Jordan 4 “Sail” was popular among male consumers as well, with larger sizes fetching more than smaller sizes on StockX.

More women are becoming sneakerheads 

The success of the Off-White Jordan 4 “Sail” represents a general shift within the broader sneaker culture. In general, the sneaker world has been known to exclude women in a variety of capacities. For example, hyped shoes are not often released in female sizes for smaller feet, a problem many women sneakerheads often encounter as collectors in a community saturated with larger sizes.

But as more women get interested in sneakers, their buying power is being felt across the industry. And this is translating into more female-focused designs.

“We’re just now seeing a lot of collabs outside of Nike as well really gravitate towards women and realizing that there’s this whole huge lane that hasn’t been filled yet,” Aleali May, a renowned designer and stylist in the sneaker and streetwear space, told Business Insider in a previous interview about how she got her start in the industry.

Sales of women’s sneakers have grown in the last year, outpacing the market by 70%, according to data from StockX. And in general, more women are defining themselves as sneakerheads and turning to buying and reselling sneakers on StockX, a report from Cowen Equity Research showed.

women transforming sneaker industry 4x3Courtesy of LaToya Kamara Manley; Courtesy of Sophia Altholz; Courtesy of Jazerai Allen Lord; Courtesy of Kelsey Amy; Samantha Lee/Business Insider

For StockX, the market for women’s sneakers has never been bigger. One out of every 10 sneakers sold on StockX in July was a women’s exclusive release and there are currently more than 3,000 active listings for women’s sneakers on the platform.

Beyond the buying power, female creatives are pushing into the industry as well and further facilitating the connection between women and sneaker culture. Business Insider recently identified 18 outstanding women who are transforming the sneaker industry today, from creating a space for more female hypebeasts to leading the charge for diversity in the field.

Sophia Chang and Romy Samuel are just two of the many women fostering an active community for female sneakerheads. Their online platform, Common Ace, offers women a curated sneaker shopping experience that caters to their specific sizes and styles.

“The pendulum’s swinging,” the pair told Business Insider regarding the buying power of women in the industry. “And it’s time to meet that demand.”

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