Adam Schiff Responds to Veiled Threats from Trump: ‘He’s Not Going to Intimidate Me’ — WATCH

Adam Schiff responded to remarks made by Donald Trump to reporters during a meeting with the leader of Guatemala.

Said Trump, making the false claim that Schiff somehow misrepresented his July 25 call with Ukraine: “When you have a guy like Shifty Schiff go out and make up a statement that I made, he said, this is what he said but I never said it. He totally made it up. In Guatemala they handle things much tougher than that.”

Said Schiff on Wednesday: “He’s not going to intimidate me. I think it was quite deliberately designed to be a threat and this is the president’s modus operandi. I’m not the first person he’s made a veiled threat about, I won’t be the last. But this is precisely the kind of conduct Americans should not accept in the Oval Office.”

Added Schiff: “This is a president, after all, who has said of people who blow the whistle on him that they’re traitors and spies and should be treated as traitors and spies used to be treated. We used to execute traitors and spies. So this is not a president above threatening anyone who gets in his way, anyone who stands up to him.”

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