Amid coronavirus, echoes of 9/11 for brother of fallen firefighter

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The echoes of 9/11 ring louder than ever for Ed Donnelly amid the coronavirus pandemic. Donnelly is the brother of fallen New York firefighter Lieutenant Kevin Donnelly, and he compares the bravery of today’s coronavirus front line responders to those on 9/11.

“Today’s cops, firemen, the nurses- they are all the heroes running into the Towers,” Donnelly told Fox News. “9/11 was a bad day, it was a very difficult day, but the 343 firemen and my brother would be awfully proud of the work being done by the nurses, cops, firemen, and doctors battling the enemy we’re facing today.”

Donnelly, a former volunteer firefighter captain and burn center nurse,  was well into his 35-year health care career when his brother died during rescue operations on 9/11 with New York City Fire Department Ladder Company 3.  Millions can see Kevin’s sacrifice firsthand at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum in Manhattan.

“If you ever go to the museum, you’ll see a ladder truck that’s crushed as the centerpiece of the museum,” said Donnelly. “That was Ladder 3 and my brother was lieutenant. He was on the job for 21 years and had two department medals. He was truly a Green Beret in the New York City Fire Department and would undoubtedly be a chief today.”

The wreckage on 9/11 of New York City Fire Department Ladder Company 3. Ed Donnelly’s brother, Lieutenant Kevin Donnelly, died with Ladder 3 on 9/11.

Donnelly is the CEO of AmourCBD Pain Relief Cream, a company he founded after his wife injured her back and sought an alternative to opioids to alleviate her discomfort. He wanted to honor his brother and do his part in giving back to the community during the COVID-19 pandemic, so he began offering free CBD products to first responders on his company’s website. He’s also reminding people not to forget about the families of first responders amid the current crisis.

“We think about that doctor and nurse and fireman toiling all day under tremendous stress,” Donnelly said. “But we seldom think about the mother, the wife, the husband, the children who are back home worrying about their loved one. We shouldn’t take them for granted, they deserve our love and support.”

For more on AmourCBD CEO Ed Donnelly, watch the full interview above.

Emily DeCiccio is a reporter and video producer for Fox News Digital Originals. Tweet her @EmilyDeCiccio.

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