Australia Fires, Kelly Marie Tran, Pete Buttigieg, Earthshot Prize, Alex Jones, Teri Garr, Aaron Taylor-Johnson: HOT LINKS

AUSTRALIA. Thousands trapped on beach as wildfires rage. “Fueled by searing temperatures and high winds, more than 200 fires are now burning across the southeastern states of New South Wales and Victoria, threatening several towns and snapping their power, mobile and internet links.”

HEALTHY. Bernie Sanders cleared by doctor: “You are in good health currently and you have been engaging vigorously in the rigors of your campaign, travel and other scheduled activities without any limitation.”

KELLY MARIE TRAN. It’s Carrie Fisher’s fault that the Star Wars actress was cut out of Rise of Skywalker.

UNITY TICKET? Biden says he’d consider GOP running mate: “I would but I can’t think of one now. There’s some really decent Republicans that are out there still, but here’s the problem right now. They’ve gotta step up.”

PETE BUTTIGIEG. On Ukraine, the Bidens, and impeachment. “There’s been no allegation, let alone finding, of wrongdoing [involving Joe Biden],” Buttigieg said. “I think it’s the wrong conversation to be having right now, though, given the spectacular misconduct that we have already seen in facts that are not in dispute, where the only argument to be had is over whether it rises to the level of removal.”

REUBEN SHARPE. Transgender man gives birth in UK: “The sperm donor was a trans woman… and even the DOCTOR was transgender.”

MOST ADMIRED IN 2019. Obama and … Trump.

EARTHSHOT PRIZE. Prince William launches “Nobel Peace Prize of environmentalism.”

IRAQ. U.S. embassy stormed by protesters. “Violent anti-American protesters are attacking the U.S. Embassy in Baghdad. They are angry over deadly U.S. airstrikes this week that killed 25 fighters from an Iran-backed Shiite militia in Iraq.”

TERI GARR. Tootsie actress released from hospital after bout of dehydration.

MAKE-UP ARTIST MATCHUP? Manny MUA is not f-ing James Charles, in case you were wondering. “We are friends. We have not hooked-up. We are just not each other’s type.”

AARON TAYLOR-JOHNSON.Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s johnson is … impressive (wk-unfriendly).

INFOWARS. Alex Jones ordered to pay $100,000 to Sandy Hook father: “In a 20 December ruling, judge Scott Jenkins of Travis County District Court said that Mr Jones and his lawyer intentionally disregarded an October court order to produce witnesses and other materials to the plaintiff in the lawsuit, Neil Heslin.”


FUTURE DRINKER OF THE DAY. This Irish girl who wants to go to the pub.

SANDWICH LESSON OF THE DAY. Pro chefs make their favorite sandwiches for Bon Appetit.

FOOTWEAR 2019 ROUND-UP. Seth Fowler on his favorite sneakers of the year.

TECH PREVIEW OF THE DAY. Marques Brownlee looks forward to 2020.

TOO LIT FOR TUESDAY. James Trevino, artist of books.

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