Bernie Sanders Must Expand His Base and Win More Women Voters—But Will He Ask Warren to Help Him Do It?

Former Vice President Joe Biden made a major comeback in the Democratic presidential race on Super Tuesday, pulling off victories in at least nine states. Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders won four—including California, the most sought-after prize of the night.

With the two candidates leading the Democratic presidential race, left-leaning voters could soon be forced to choose between two very different tracks: the progressive path promised by Sanders or the more moderate course championed by Biden.

However, with Super Tuesday exit polls painting a clearer picture of who is backing who in the Democratic primary race, experts have warned that if Sanders wants to go head-to-head with Biden, he may need to “expand his political base”—and fast.

Whereas Biden’s popularity appeared to be relatively even between men and women voters, with the former vice president seeing more support among the latter group in some states, according to Super Tuesday exit polls, Sanders appeared to enjoy more support from men than women.

According to exit poll results published by The Washington Post, Sanders saw more support from men than women in every Super Tuesday state and territory: Alabama, California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Minnesota, North Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee, Texas, Virginia and in Vermont, which appeared to see the smallest disparity between support from men and women.