Bernie Sanders Stakes Out Big Lead Among LGBT Voters in Latest Poll (and #HotBoysForBernie is Trending)

Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders is the most popular Democratic presidential candidate among LGBT voters, according to the latest poll from Morning Consult.

The poll found that 34 percent of LGBT respondents favored Sanders, followed by Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren at 19 percent, former Vice President Joe Biden at 18 percent, former Mayor Pete Buttigieg at 12 percent, and former Mayor Michael Bloomberg at 7 percent.

Sanders’ LGBT support is 11 points higher than his share among the broader electorate (23 percent), the largest positive differential in the field. Warren and Buttigieg are both +5 among LGBT voters, while Biden is -11 and Bloomberg is -5.

From Morning Consult: Sanders has a long record of support for gay rights. As Burlington mayor in the 1980s, he proclaimed a Gay Pride Day, while during his tenure in the House, he opposed the Defense of Marriage Act and “don’t ask, don’t tell,” a law that barred gay and lesbian military servicemembers from acknowledging their sexual orientation. And in 2009, Sanders endorsed marriage rights for gay couples — three years before then-Vice President Joe Biden did the same. But perhaps more notably, Sanders’ strength with LGBTQ primary voters aligns strongly with their demographics. … Like Sanders’ supporters, the group skews younger and more liberal than the broader primary electorate: LGBTQ voters are roughly twice as likely to identify as “very liberal” (33 percent vs. 16 percent) and to be between the ages of 18 and 29 (35 percent to 18 percent).

In related news, #HotBoysForBernie was trending on Twitter on Friday. Check out a few posts below.

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