Bette Midler, Rosie O’Donnell, Jon Voight React to Trump Impeachment #MerryImpeachmas

Celebrities took to Twitter to express their delight and disappointment about the House of Representatives’ historic vote to impeach President Trump over “high crimes and misdemeanors.”

Those with whom the president has publicly sparred were unsurprisingly among the first to voice their excitement over the vote to approve both articles of impeachment.

Rosie O’Donnell, whose Twitter bio screams in all caps: “IMPEACH THE PRESIDENT AND ALL HIS MEN,” started with “Trump is a terrorist” and ended her Twitter commentary with “done. amen. god bless america.”

Others, like Kathy Griffin, whose overwhelming disdain for Trump has hurt her career, wasted no time celebrating first by retweeting results and other comments and then firing off her own uninhibited reaction. “My beloved @SpeakerPelosi, please allow me to politely disagree with you on one point,” she wrote on Twitter. “Yes, The impeachment process should be a solemn and serious constitutional act, but for some of us it’s… #MerryImpeachmas.”

She then suggested that, in order to get under Trump’s skin, that House Speaker Nancy Pelosi “never send the articles to the corrupt Senate.”

“It will drive him crazy,” she wrote. “The ‘impeached candidate’ should be nothing more than that. Then impeach Pence. What a ticket!”

Actress and activist Alyssa Milano was tempered in her reaction. “I expected this moment but I expected to be more joyful. Maybe jump up & do a happy dance. Maybe. But I’m just sad and heartbroken,” she wrote on Twitter. “What he’s left behind can’t be erased with this vote. The bigotry and xenophobia he’s emboldened. The lies. It will take generations to recover.”

George Takei, who has never minced words about his lack of respect for the president, used the impeachment results to also take a somewhat curious swipe at the film CATS.

“The GOP speakers at the impeachment debate should dress up as cats, just so we get two ridiculous things that no sane person should ever be subjected to out of the way in one fell swoop,” the Star Trek star wrote on Twitter.

Some, like Jon Voight, who has been an avid supporter of the president, reacted with anger at the Democrats. In a video message posted to Twitter under the headline “In God We Trust,” the Academy Award-winning actor said, “This left wing lacks truth and are afraid of Trump’s truth to save this country,” he said. “The left are afraid of the ‘true truths’ that President Trump has brought forth.”

Musicians weighed in, too. Charlie Daniels damned the Democrats in a fiery tweet, calling the proceedings “a depressing, bogus, boring piece of tragic comedy and phenomenal waste of time by a totally morally and creatively bankrupt political party full of empty suits and sad sacks.”

He went on to then chastise Adam Schiff (D-CA). “Thanks for the wake up call Schiff, awakening patriotism in middle America and fair minded people who resent u and your band of political pirates trying to delegitimize their votes,” he wrote on Twitter. “Welcome to the real world pale face, where people like you fade away like smoke in a west Texas wind.”

Maria Shriver, no stranger to political controversy, expressed dismay at Trump’s seeming lack of understanding of the gravity of the moment. “It’s fascinating to me,” she wrote on Twitter. “Having observed politics for a long time, that @realDonaldTrump’s strategy is to campaign and act as if he’s not paying attention to what’s happening on Capitol Hill while he’s being impeached in real time.”

Comedy Central’s Daily Show Hosted by Trevor Noah posted a tweet from its official account. “HISTORIC: Donald Trump just won a popular vote for the first time,” the show account tweeted.

Actress Kirstie Alley warned of the danger of the new, uncharted territory that the impeachment is sure to bring. “Dangerous precedent,” she wrote on Twitter. “Gonna cause a major tit for tat retaliation now for whomever is in power..fasten your seatbelts, it’s gonna be a bumpy decade.”

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