Bolton Book Bombshell Spurs Renewed Call for Witnesses in Trump Impeachment Trial

House impeachment managers stepped up calls for witnesses in the Trump impeachment trial after the New York Times reported that former National Security Adviser John Bolton’s forthcoming book directly contradicts Trump’s claim that held-up U.S. military aid was not tied to demands that Ukraine investigate his political opponent, Joe Biden.

The NYT reports: “Over dozens of pages, Mr. Bolton described how the Ukraine affair unfolded over several months until he departed the White House in September. He described not only the president’s private disparagement of Ukraine but also new details about senior cabinet officials who have publicly tried to sidestep involvement. … Mr. Bolton’s submission of the book to the White House may have given the White House lawyers direct insight into what Mr. Bolton would say if he were called to testify at Mr. Trump’s impeachment trial. It also intensified concerns among some of his advisers that they needed to block Mr. Bolton from testifying, according to two people familiar with their concerns.”

House impeachment managers issued a statement late on Sunday renewing calls for witnesses in the Senate trial: “The Senate trial must seek the full truth and Mr. Bolton has vital information to provide. There is no defensible reason to wait until his book is published, when the information he has to offer is critical to the most important decision senators must now make — whether to convict the president of impeachable offenses.”

Trump responded in tweets overnight:

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