Calvary Temple Helps the Needy During COVID in the Most Epic Way

The coronavirus pandemic may have closed church doors around the globe, but that doesn’t mean believers have abandoned Christ’s mission.

One such organization that has provided for the poor during the crisis is Calvary Temple Church in Hyderabad, India.

The megachurch, which according to its website boasts over 300,000 members, donated more than 800 tons of food in the form of grocery kits that each provides enough food to feed a family for a month.

The church has also provided some 20 needy families with funeral services and supplied free medicines for roughly 1,000 senior citizens.

“We came forward to donate food, grocery and medicine to poor and helpless families in two Telugu states,” Calvary Temple Pastor Dr. P. Satish Kumar told Asia News International.

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“So far 30,000 families received help in the form of grocery kits, each kit weighing 30 kilograms [about 66 pounds] with 17 items in it,” he said.

Meanwhile, governments have decided Christian churches in the United States were “nonessential,” attempting to closing them down and even arresting clergy who did not comply.

But again, their God-given mission was thwarted by neither modern-day principalities nor the pandemic as Christians rose to the challenge.

Samaritan’s Purse, a humanitarian organization run by evangelist Billy Graham’s son Franklin Graham, set up a field hospital in New York City’s Central Park in the face of opposition for its stance on traditional marriage.

And yet even today it is continuing to help victims whose homes were flooded after a dam burst in Michigan.

“As our teams work in disaster sites around the world, we are often asked, ‘Why did you come?’ Each time, we are able to say we have come to serve in Jesus’ Name,” the organization tweeted Thursday.

Another Christian non-profit organization, the Los Angeles Dream Center, and its partners helped feed an astounding number of those left jobless and hungry by the pandemic.

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“Thank you @krogerco @RalphsGrocery @myfood4less for helping us make an impact in #LosAngeles,” The Dream Center tweeted Thursday.

“Your partnership has contributed to providing over 700,000 meals in the last 73 days of our COVID-19 relief and has helped to lift our city up during these times.”

Churches in Arizona partnered with every state hospital to help during COVID-19, helping with errands for busy doctors and nurses, assembling care packages, providing child care and of course ministering to the afflicted.

While government help is funded through resources forcibly taken from individuals, Christian charity is freely given in an answer to Jesus’ call to service to their fellow man.

Do you think Christians are better at helping the needy than government is?

Nonbelieving leftists foolishly put their faith in the almighty government and scoff when Christians protest the governments that close their houses of worship when they need them the most.

The good news is that Christians answer to a higher power, and even if they cannot worship in their churches, they are compelled through their abiding faith to do what’s necessary wherever they are.

Governments can close Christian churches, but they can’t close Christian hearts to the needs of their brothers and sisters.

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