CNN-SPLC’s new public enemy: “Social distancing deniers”, by Michelle Malkin

Last week’s column, you’ll recall, dissected the inconsistent, nonsensical, and farcical implementation of “social distancing” in America. To helpfully underscore my point after the column had been filed, the loudest self-quarantining mouth of the administration, Ivanka “We’re All In This Together” Trump, flouted the travel rules herself by fleeing D.C. with her husband and children for Passover. But I digress. Others have chronicled the lack of evidence worldwide that “social distancing” is making any significant dent in flattening the coronavirus curve. Dissidents who must remain anonymous have observed that isolation strategies may be making matters worse by delaying development of herd immunity. Skepticism and anger toward the credibility-damaged public health-industrial complex are now spilling over into the Instagram comments of control freak Bill Gates, who wants us all locked up until his vaccine is ready. The elites can no longer contain the public backlash and open defiance against this ineffectual madness.


Now that a grass-roots revolt against Draconian lockdown measures is underway (Trump himself tweeted “Liberate Michigan, Minnesota, and Virginia” this morning), CNN-SPLC has pulled out the big rhetorical guns. Anyone who dares question the pandemic sacred cow of social distancing is a…“denier.”


Left-wing character assassins seek to discredit the Michigan protesters by linking them to…me.

The Michigan Conservative Coalition is a far-right, fringe group that has peddled right-wing memes featuring Pepe the Frog and Islamophobic memes on its Facebook page. They recently hosted an event featuring Michelle Malkin, a far-right pundit who has defended white nationalists and holocaust deniers.

Yes, I did do an event with the great patriots at the Michigan Conservative Coalition, who defied ConInc cancel culture.

Yes, I did defend the America First kids who challenged and exposed the open-borders, Israel First ambassadors of TPUSA and YAF.


When all else fails, the scoundrels retreat to the refuge of “anti-Semitism.”

It was only a matter of time before guilt-by-“denial”-association infected the public pandemic discourse. Not coincidentally, several dissidents on social media leading the protest charge against lockdowns were banned last night.

Of course, CNN and the rest of the media’s own denialism, not to mention the World Health Organization’s, must not be questioned.

Inconvenient questions = HATE.

All officially-designated “HATE” (TM) = “anti-Semitic.”

Social distancing dissent = Holocaust denial.




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