Coronavirus Is A ‘Trumpandemic’, Says China’s State-Run Media

China’s state-sponsored news agency “Xinhua News” labeled the coronavirus global pandemic a “Trumpandemic”, according to the group’s recent tweet. It’s no surprise, however, since the Chinese Communist Party has been pushing propaganda to blame President Trump and his administration for the virus’s spread since the coronavirus outbreak reached U.S. shores.

In their tweet, Xinhua tried to use a recent breaking story in the U.S. news cycle that exposed several U.S. Senators for engaging in insider trading after receiving private information about the potential devastation from coronavirus in January. That story, the Chinese news agency alleged, should call into question how much knowledge President Donald Trump had of the “severity” of the virus. Further, it should call his own stock shares into question, according to the outlet.

“The senators knew enough to dump stocks. How come President Trump seemed to have no clue about the severity of #COVID19? The president should know more & know better than senators. Was he pretending, or maybe he has too much stock to sell? #Trumpandemic,” Xinhua’s tweet read.

During Friday’s White House press briefing on the coronavirus pandemic, Secretary of State Mike Pompeo addressed the disinformation being peddled by unreliable, ‘bad actors.’ One of those being a Chinese Official who blamed the outbreak on the U.S. Army, who he said “brought the epidemic to Wuhan.”

“I just urge everyone, as they’re seeing information, information that at one time suggested this virus emanated from the United States army, information about lockdowns that are taking place.” Pompeo explained, “Every American, indeed, people all around the world should ensure that where they turn to for information is a reliable source and not a bad actor trying to create and flow information that they know is wrong.”

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