Crenshaw, Clinton in Twitter War Over Trump’s COVID-19 Response

U.S. Rep. Dan Crenshaw, R-Texas, is bashing Hillary Clinton for politicizing President Donald Trump’s response to the coronavirus pandemic.

Former U.S. Secretary of State Clinton tweeted a Washington Post article that was critical of the president and his actions regarding the virus outbreak followed by her own message: “Replace this man in November.” 

Her tweet included a direct quote from the article: “It took 70 days for Trump to treat the coronavirus not as a distant threat or harmless flu strain well under control, but as a lethal force poised to kill tens of thousands of citizens.”

But Crenshaw fired back with his own tweet and defended the president. He pointed out that Trump took measures early on to combat the spread of COVID-19, citing travel restrictions the president imposed.

He said Clinton and the Democratic Party were busy celebrating Trump’s impeachment while the president was saving lives.

He then included a few photos of Washington Post article headlines that suggest the flu is a bigger threat than coronavirus. One headline from a February article reads, “Get a grippe, America. The flu is a much bigger threat than coronavirus, for now.”

This isn’t the first time Crenshaw and Clinton have faced off on social media. Last month, Crenshaw told Clinton to “Delete your account” in response to Clinton retweeting a New York Times article announcing the U.S. had become the global leader in coronavirus cases.

She quipped, “He did promise ‘America First,’”about Trump. 

Crenshaw slammed her tweet, “This isn’t the time. This can’t be the new normal, where American tragedy is applauded for the sake of political opportunism.”

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