Damning Clip Shows Pelosi Trying To Decide if She Should Applaud Putting ‘America First’

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi appeared to be having a hard time deciding whether or not to clap after President Donald Trump talked about the importance of putting America first.

The moment came during Trump’s State of the Union speech in the House chamber.

Pelosi was seated behind Trump, next to Vice President Mike Pence.

As is traditional for State of the Union speeches, some of the president’s lines received applause from both Republicans and Democrats, while others only garnered applause from half the room.

In one curious moment, Pelosi couldn’t seem to decide whether or not she wanted to clap.

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Eventually, she did offer some light applause.

“Members of Congress, we must never forget that the only victories that matter in Washington are victories that deliver for the American people,” Trump said.

“The people are the heart of our country, their dreams are the soul of our country, and their love is what powers and sustains our country,” the president added.

“We must always remember that our job is to put America first!” he said.

Do you think Pelosi was having a hard time deciding whether or not to clap?

That line garnered applause from many in the room.

At first, Pelosi didn’t seem to be sure how she felt about it.

After a moment or two, she put her hands together once, then started clapping her hands a little harder, though she appeared to shake her head while she did so.

Notably, while Pence stood up as he applauded, Pelosi did not.

The moment garnered quite the reaction on social media:

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Pelosi “can’t stand the fact that @realDonaldTrump is forcing her to clap for ‘putting America first’. Thank you Mr. President!!” one user opined.

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