Democrats not about to let a good pandemic go to waste – Boston Herald

If only Democrats were as good at winning elections as they are at moving goalposts.

It’s one of their greatest skills, right behind Twitter clap-backs and fat-shaming.

We’ve all witnessed it.

At first, the goal was to flatten the curve by quarantining for a few weeks.

It is worth noting — we did flatten the curve. Yet, the media seemed immediately disinterested in said curve once it was flattened.

Shift to today and the goal is a bit more vague.

Depending on which public official you listen to, the goal is something along the lines of — if we stay quarantined for an indefinite amount of time, we might be able to (someday, maybe) return to restaurants — BUT we will likely be partitioned from one another by plexiglass. Also — and this is a big danger — if we don’t reopen safely, we will be forced to quarantine all over again.

It is simply the “new normal,” Gov. Charlie Baker sternly tells us, like someone who can’t train their dog to stop begging at the table.

He doesn’t understand why we are continually questioning him about reopening our state.

Don’t we know how hard this has been for him?

After all, he is a basketball player.

He misses the swish of the net just as much as you miss earning a living or keeping your small business alive.

But it doesn’t matter how much New York Mayor Bill de Blasio yearns for his fancy gym or House Speaker Nancy Pelosi craves attending a restaurant reopening — the Democrats are not about to let this crisis go to waste.

Especially when said crisis, unlike their hoaxes of the past, could conceivably be Trump’s undoing.

After all, the Dems are desperate.

No one serves as better proof of the party’s desperation than Joe Biden.

Trump’s likely opponent gets a pass on absolutely everything.

Just this week, while being interviewed by Charlamagne the God, Biden said, “If you have a problem figuring out whether you’re for me or Trump, then you ain’t black.”

A rich, white politician telling a black man he “ain’t black” if he doesn’t vote for a Democrat.

Sounds like a dog whistle to me.

Plenty of liberals sport bumper stickers on their cars that read, “any functioning adult 2020.”

But after watching Biden over the last few months, I’d say they can cross “functioning” off the list.

The former Vice President is feeble, incoherent and defensive.

His list of cons grows longer every day.

But the left is intoxicated by his one major pro … for all his flaws, he is not Donald J. Trump.

This pursuit to take down Trump is causing the Dems to drag out this shutdown for as long as possible.

They aren’t oblivious or even unsympathetic to the strain that this lockdown is putting on working Americans.

But Trump has ushered in a new era for Democrats.

Let’s call it, “the ends justify the means” era.

When White House reporters are done debating Trump over his mask-wearing habits, they almost always get around to their real question. Will the virus force Trump to support mail-in voting come November?

I have to give the press credit — their subtlety is a real art form. I never would have guessed that the likes of Kaitlan Collins and Jim Acosta have election day on their minds.

Their intentions, as always, are transparent.

It all goes back to beating the president.

In their eyes, a crisis is only as valuable as its potential to take down Trump.

Need a few examples?

Stormy Daniels.

Russian collusion.

Trump’s tax returns.

Brett Kavanaugh’s teenage rape gang.

The Ukraine call.



Each bombshell was supposed to be the end of Trump.

And when it became clear that a crisis would not succeed in destroying Orange Man, well the liberals just picked up their goalposts and started sprinting.

For the last three and a half years the left has been in a constant state of inauthentic outrage and fear-mongering.

But now it is painfully obvious that all roads lead to one thing for Democrats — electing President Anyone But Trump on Nov. 3.

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