Democrats Won’t Let Lack Of Evidence Stop Impeachment

On today’s podcast we cover the introduction of articles of impeachment in the House, and how Democrats won’t let a little thing like lacking evidence stand in the way of their creating “crimes” in order to smear the President. We also cove the Attorney General’s interview with NBC News, and talk about how political opportunists exploit unsuspecting people to rake in a ton of money for themselves.

Listen to the show:

Attorney General Bill Barr gave an exclusive interview to NBC News, laying out his issues with the Inspector General report and the abuses of the civil rights of Americans by the FBI under James Comey. Where are the civil libertarians on the left speaking out about the violation of the rights of Carter Page? They’re weirdly silent, almost like they don’t care because Page is on the “wrong team.” We get into all of it and preview the testimony of the Inspector General before the Senate Judiciary Committee today.

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Democrats have introduced 2 articles of impeachment against President Trump, neither of which are actual laws that can be broken. It’s a testament to just how weak their argument is. Plus, Adam Schiff lied yet again at the press conference announcing the articles. Is he capable of telling the truth, and is any journalist capable of calling him out? Of course not. We explain.

Then we talk about the scam many opportunists use to raise lots of cash for themselves under the guise of “helping” a politician or political cause. People are getting rich, but very little is getting done. We expose how it works.

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