Dick Morris: Bolton Sold Out Trump for $32 Book

Former National Security Adviser John Bolton sold out President Donald Trump and the Republican Party for a $32 book, according to author and political commentator Dick Morris on Tuesday.

“John Bolton chose his moment in the sun carefully, making sure to milk it for every last dollar,” Morris wrote in an op-ed for The Western Journal. “He could have dropped his bomb at any time during the impeachment process and done it any way he wanted to.

“But you don’t get paid $2 million for testimony before Congress or for an appearance on Fox & Friends.”

Morris rejected Bolton’s timing as “craftily building suspense” to “maximize his exposure.”

“Only when he was at the very center of the national stage did he let it fly,” Morris continued. “And then he did so not in a lawyerly brief or even a news release but in an excerpt from his book.

“Just step right up and pay your $32 (from which John makes 15%) and read it right here.”

Morris added if Republicans buy this sales pitch, they should seek “witness reciprocity” and “trade Bolton for Hunter Biden.”

“Bolton’s testimony will result in an inconclusive ‘he said/he said’ with the president, but Biden’s testimony would be filled with land mines for the Democrats and might leave their only real alternative to Bernie Sanders twisting slowly in the wind,” Morris concluded.

“It might be a good trade if we are going to have to hear Bolton reading from his collected works previewing his book.”

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