Elizabeth Warren says she would be ‘youngest woman ever inaugurated’

Elizabeth Warren pushed back on criticism about her age by reminding debate moderators that she would still be the “youngest woman ever inaugurated.”

During the PBS/Politico debate on Thursday night, three of the candidates were asked about their age as voters consider putting them in office for four years. Joe Biden, 77, and Bernie Sanders, 78, both touted their experience as a defense for electing the oldest president ever.

The question came around to Warren, with Politico’s Tim Alberta asking, “Sen. Warren, you would be the oldest president ever inaugurated. I would like you to weigh in as well.”

Warren, however, pushed back by reminding Alberta that she would still be the “youngest woman ever inaugurated,” even if she is 70 years old. Her remark earned laughter and a round of applause from the crowd.

Warren noted that she believes it is not about the age of the person elected but rather that her campaign is about “whose voices get heard.”

The Massachusetts Democrat has been a top-tier candidate throughout the Democratic primary. The RealClearPolitics polling average shows her with 15.2% support nationwide.

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