Elizabeth Warren Won’t Criticize Soleimani, Deflects By Bashing Trump Instead (VIDEO)

Elizabeth Warren Won’t Criticize Soleimani, Deflects By Bashing Trump Instead (VIDEO)

The last few days have been very enlightening.

Democrats are so consumed by their hatred of Trump, that they can’t bring themselves to admit that Soleimani was an evil man who deserved to be eliminated.

During a recent appearance on CNN, Elizabeth Warren referred to the man responsible for the deaths of hundreds of American soldiers as a high ranking Iranian government official.

She then spent the rest of her appearance bashing Trump.

Townhall reports:

WATCH: Warren Avoids Condemning Terrorist Soleimani, Repeatedly Attacks Trump Instead

Sunday morning, I saw this tweet from a prominent foreign policy and national security writer, and wondered if it might be hyperbolic or exaggerated. After watching the exchange in question, Rogin’s assessment seems accurate, which is a disgraceful indictment of Elizabeth Warren.

She offered plenty of criticism for the President of the United States on CNN — including flirting with the conspiracy theory that the strike was ordered as a ‘distraction’ from impeachment — but could not muster a cross word for Iran’s terrorism mastermind:

This is all because she is terrified of the Democrats’ far left base.

Watch the video below:

What is wrong with her?

Does she not see how this comes off to most people?

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