Fox News Host Greg Gutfeld Defends Trump’s Dingell Insult: Just a ‘Joke’

Fox News host Greg Gutfeld rallied to President Donald Trump’s defense on Thursday, claiming the president suggesting deceased Rep. John Dingell (D-MI) was in hell was nothing more than a “joke” and the president doesn’t see the difference between dead and living people.

During a Michigan campaign rally on Wednesday night, Trump took aim at Rep. Debbie Dingell (D-MI), the widow of John Dingell, for supporting impeachment. Claiming he gave the late Dingell “A-plus treatment” after he passed, he said the congresswoman told him “John would be so thrilled” as he looked down from heaven. “Maybe he’s looking up, I don’t know,” Trump added, to groans from the pro-Trump crowd.

Fox News host Juan Williams referenced the cruel moment—which has sparked bipartisan condemnation—while discussing the House voting to impeach Trump during Thursday’s broadcast of The Five.

“The reality is plenty of things Trump does, I don’t like, you know that, but they are not impeachable,” Williams noted. “When he talks about John Dingell going to hell, I just—I don’t like it. Not impeachable.”

“You haven’t heard that joke before?” Gutfeld sneered.

Williams, clearly taken aback, pushed back: “It’s not a joke when you go after a dead man. Dead people. John McCain, John Dingell—”

“Trump doesn’t see live, dead, black, white, male, female,” Gutfeld reasoned. “He insults everybody! We’re in the fourth year of this.”

Gutfeld’s defense of Trump flies in the face of the reactions from Fox anchors Maria Bartiromo and Sandra Smith, who earlier in the day sympathized with Debbie Dingell, directly telling the congresswoman they were “sorry about this.”

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