Free Beacon Presents: Civil War! Part Deux

A great nation, divided against itself. An historically successful president, under siege. Democrats in Congress, attempting to nullify an election. Sound familiar?

The American republic slouches towards a reckoning the likes of which have not been seen since 1861. Political tensions threaten to boil over into open conflict at any moment. Meme warriors skirmish on the dark web. Dough-faced gladiators wage pitched battle in the streets of America’s cities. The winds of change blow hard, but the maws of rage suck harder.

Donald J. Trump, the most unfairly criticized commander in chief since Abraham Lincoln, recently became the third president since America’s founding to be impeached by his enemies in Congress. Trump is by far the most successful president in history to face impeachment, and the first to be impeached despite not doing anything wrong.

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The president himself has warned (via Twitter citation) that efforts to remove him from office, which would effectively negate the votes of the 63 million hardworking Americans who supported him at the polls, could result in a “Civil War like fracture from which our country will never heal.”

One of the defining features of Donald Trump’s character is that he is almost never wrong. Trump will never be removed from office, and will almost certainly serve at least one more term as president. Nevertheless, the Democratic Party’s do-nothing obstructionism threatens to inflict a Second Civil War upon the American people, a military conflict so violent and disruptive that documentary historians will be talking about it for decades and centuries to come.


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