Gay Bernie Fan Seeks Advice: My Hubby Has the Hots for Buttigieg, Wants to Call Me ‘Mayor Pete’ in Bed

Pete Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten

A gay supporter of Bernie Sanders recently sought advice from a Vermont newspaper because his husband has the “scalding hots” for Pete Buttigieg and wants to call him “Mayor Pete” in bed.

“I know it’s all in good fun, but this idea sort of turns me off. Probably because I’m a huge Bernie fan. I’m game for trying a lot of things, and I want to make my hubby happy, but I think this might squash the mood. What do I do?” ” wrote the 33-year-old male, under the moniker “Not Butti-Giggling.”

The Reverend, who oversees the “Ask the Rev.” advice column in Burlington’s Seven Days alt-weekly, responded that while role play can be a great way to spice up a couple’s sex life, both parties must be all-in.

“I say let some six-o’clock shadow grow, throw on a tie, hop in the sack and see how it goes,” the Reverend wrote. “If trying it for real is a complete boner-kill, tell him that he can call you ‘Mayor Pete’ in his head all he wants. I’m sure he’d understand where you’re coming from if you ask him whether he’d be OK with you yelling, ‘Feel the Bern!’ in the throes of passion.”

In related news, Buttigieg and his husband, Chasten, reportedly are the subject of nearly 70 stories of fanfiction, or real person fiction (RPF), on one popular platform, according to Ashley Reese at Jezebel.

“One of the funniest things about fandoms is when something becomes ‘fanon,’ as in, it becomes ‘canon’ because the fans agreed upon it,” Reese writes. “The Pete/Chasten fandom has not created firm fanon in regards to who tops, though most have Pete topping, which I assume is attributed to his seriousness and the association between topping and traditionally masculine traits. 

“There were a few notable exceptions, including one which imagines that a candid video of Pete and Chasten is leaked on Reddit and 4chan. In this story, we discover that the scandal isn’t quite that the couple is gay but rather that Pete is not a top; as he exasperatedly says to [campaign manager Lis] Smith, ‘I bottom, Lis, who gives a fuck?’ (“‘That’s not a bad line, actually,’ Lis says pensively. ‘Not for you, obviously, totally off-brand and Beto’s got the market cornered on profanity, but it’s not a bad line…’”). Additionally, there exists a dynamic in which Chasten’s relative experience compared to Pete’s inexperience is enough to grant him the duties of a top as he guides Pete through a late-in-life sexual awakening.”

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