George Floyd’s brother testifies before House: ‘I’m here to get justice’ – live | US news

Minneapolis police chief says he is withdrawing from contract negotiations

Among the witnesses called by Republicans was Angela Underwood Jacobs, the sister of Dave Patrick Underwood, an officer with the federal protective service who was fatally shot while on duty during a protest in Oakland over the police killing of George Floyd.

In her remarks, Jacobs, the first African-American woman elected to the city council in Lancaster, California, said she could relate to the pain and anguish felt by the Floyd family.

But she forcefully disagreed with some of the solutions being proposed by activists demanding policing reforms, and said such changes could leave law enforcement officers more vulnerable.

“Police brutality of any kind must not be condoned; however it is blatantly wrong to create an excuse out of discrimination and disparity to loot and burn our communities, to kill our officers of the law,” she said.

“It is a ridiculous solution to proclaim that defunding police departments is a solution to police brutality and discrimination because it is not a solution. It gets us nowhere as a nation and removes a safety net of protection that every citizen deserves.”

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