GOP Strategist Says Trump’s Campaign Team Isn’t Even Qualified To Run A Waffle House

GOP strategist Rick Wilson tore into Donald Trump’s past and present campaign team on Saturday, calling Trump advisers connected to the fake Obamagate scandal a “clown show” of people he “wouldn’t trust to run a Waffle House.”

Wilson said the latest non-controversy they are trying to tie to Joe Biden will backfire just like their previous efforts to take down the presumptive Democratic nominee.

“The Tara Reade thing fell apart, the Hunter Biden thing fell apart. They are all going to fall apart,” he said. “They don’t have a real grip on what to do here.”


Wilson said:

They’ve thrown a lot at the wall against Joe Biden in the last month and a half, two months. And each one of these things has a shelf life now of about 10 or 11 days. We had that brief moment of the Tara Reade bubble, and then a few months ago, we had the brief moment of Hunter Biden. And now we’re in the Obamagate bubble. This is a contrivance made up by a bunch of Trump-affiliated bloggers and Trump-affiliated propagandists who have decided they are going to throw out things, this boob bait they’re throwing out there, to try to convince people that there was some giant conspiracy inside the Obama administration that they could tag Joe Biden with, when in fact, as I’ve said before, they’re claiming there was something nefarious happening in the Obama administration. Well, they’ve got it backward. The people in the Obama administration not at the top but at the bottom, in the intelligence community, were reporting these things like Michael Flynn’s behavior, and it bubbled up into a process where the nefarious actions were all in the hands of Trump advisers. So you’ve got guys like Michael Flynn and Paul Manafort and the penguin Roger Stone, and all of these other miscellaneous — and Carter Page and George Papadopoulos, this clown show of these people that I wouldn’t trust to run a Waffle House suddenly playing in these very deep waters of national security matters. The truth about Mike Flynn is that his predecessor and his successor at DIA both thought he was an absolute s*** show of the worst order. He was fired for a reason. Whatever happened to him that broke his brain made him a terrible person as the head of DIA. … So I think this whole thing is a bubble and I think it’s going to blow up like a lot of these other things have. The Tara Reade thing fell apart. The Hunter Biden thing fell apart. They are all going to fall apart. They don’t have a real grip on what to do here.

The Trump campaign is increasingly desperate

The Trump campaign knows that the product its trying to sell the American people – another four years of an incompetent and corrupt president – isn’t appealing to voters.

So instead of running on their broken product, they are desperately throwing the kitchen sink at Joe Biden, a man who is viewed favorably by the American people, according to the latest Fox News poll.

Donald Trump recognizes that his only shot at a second term is running the same playbook as he did in 2016: Drive his opponent’s numbers into the cellar where his are.

So far, against Joe Biden, that hasn’t worked as the former vice president’s lead over Trump has been one of the steadiest in American political history.

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