Got Coronavirus Cabin Fever? CPAC Has You Covered With A Spotify Playlist.

The outbreak of the coronavirus has heightened anxiety for many Americans who are practicing social distancing, however, the team at the American Conservative Union (ACU), the group that produces the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), is offering a solution to put Americans at ease with a Spotify playlist sure to give anyone an escape from “the inevitable cabin fever.”

“You’re bonded with all the people who are at CPAC, and they’re wonderful people, and we work our tails off and we thought that this was a good way to stay connected with one another, to help with the inevitable cabin fever, and to give people some pleasant music to just think about the important things in life. If everybody is getting good family time, then why not help people with some good tunes,” ACU’s Communications Director Ian Walters told me.

The playlist offers a specially curated list of tunes anyone can listen to on Spotify. In addition, Walters is working alongside his team members including Policy Analyst Luke Schneider and Communications Coordinators Chandler Madden and Zach Crandell to give you the musical escape you’re looking for during this uncertain time.

Walters continued, “We’re all consuming content in one form or another, right? Let’s take care of ourselves and our brains and our hearts, and stay close to one another. It’s just so critical, we’ve got to all take care of each other. We’re all humans and we’re all in this together.”

So, America, it’s time to turn off the corona news for an hour and plug in your headphones.

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