Graham: Trump ‘Mad As Hell,’ ‘He Is Demanding His Day in Court’

Sen. Lindsey (R-S.C.) is a confidant of President Trump. (Photo by PAUL J. RICHARDS/AFP via Getty Images)

( – Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.) said he met with President Donald Trump on Thursday, the day after the House voted to impeach him, and Trump is insisting that the Democrats send their case to the Senate.

So, I just met with the president. And he is demanding his day in court. Every American accused of a crime or wrongdoing gets their day in court, apparently except Donald Trump.

And if you believe the Clinton impeachment trial was fair, that’s exactly the same type trial that will happen in the Senate with President Trump.

But I just left President Trump. He’s mad as hell that they would do this to him, and now deny him his day in court. The reason they’re denying his day in — him his day in court is, they know their case sucks.

Immediately after Thursday’s House vote to impeach, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi indicated she would delay sending the articles to the Senate for trial until she was assured of a fair process.

Graham told Fox News’s Bret Baier Thursday night he thinks Democrats have “buyer’s remorse.”

“Their assumption was that impeachment would sell with the American people. It’s fallen apart. They have no case. And now they don’t know what to do next. And this is a political stunt that’s very dangerous.”

Graham said he will keeping talking about “this constitutional outrage, denying the president the constitutional roadmap laid out to dispose of impeachment.”

And it’s unfair to the president to hold this over his head. And it’s unfair to tell Mitch McConnell how to conduct the trial. It’s not Nancy Pelosi’s job to conduct the trial. It is Mitch McConnell’s, working with Chuck Schumer.

I don’t think (Senate Minority Leader) Chuck Schumer is interested in a fair trial for Donald Trump. But what will happen is a trial very similar to what President Clinton experienced.

If and when the case does move to the Senate in early January, Graham said he expects House manager to present their “lousy case” without having the Senate “perfect it for them” by calling additional witnesses.

I think what’s going to happen here is that they will bring over the impeachment articles, I hope. If they don’t, it would be a constitutional outrage. We will listen to the House’s case. The president will weigh in on his side of the story. And witnesses will be denied, because I think most senators are ready to get this over with.

Graham said the one thing he will not do is support a motion to dismiss: “I want this president to be acquitted. I think he will get every Republicans’ vote for acquittal. And I think he will pick up some Democratic votes for acquittal.”

Graham said if 51 senators do vote to call additional witnesses — John Bolton and Mick Mulvaney — “the president would claim executive privilege.”

I can’t imagine any president in the future or in the past allowing the chief of staff, the national security adviser to be called in an atmosphere — as a witness in an atmosphere like this.

So he was denied his ability to invoke executive privilege. Instead of letting the courts decide whether or not it was a meritorious claim, they put an artificial time limit on this and charged him with obstruction of Congress.

I don’t think there’s any appetite in the United States Senate to call a bunch of witnesses that would violate executive privilege, in my view.

Chuck Schumer is not trying to be fair to president. He’s trying to put four or five senators in a political box. This has blown up in their face. Nancy Pelosi is refusing to send this over to the Senate because the case has fallen apart.

If you had a strong case, wouldn’t you want to present it?

And here’s the thing I want to end on. If you were accused of something you didn’t do, wouldn’t you want to demand your day in court? So the president of the United States told me tonight that he’s demanding his day in court.

And what Nancy Pelosi is doing is denying his day in court. In the House proceedings, they denied him the right to counsel. They denied him the ability to confront his accuser. They denied him the ability to call witnesses on his behalf.

And now they made the accusation, they’re denying him his day in court. Other than that, this has been a good proceeding for America.


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