Gregg Jarrett: McConnell should go ahead with impeachment trial in Senate without Pelosi


“The framers never envisioned a stunt pulled by a speaker of the House like Nancy Pelosi holding onto articles of impeachment. Two decades ago it was sent over immediately, within minutes. There was a vote to convey and transmit it,” Gregg Jarrett said on “Hannity” on Friday. “The Constitution is actually silent about that. It doesn’t say that the Senate has to wait until it’s transmitted. It’s simply a Senate rule.”

“Mitch McConnell shouldn’t be subjecting himself to the extortion of Nancy Pelosi,” Gregg Jarrett continued. “He can, beginning in January, simply alter the rule or eliminate it entirely and set a date for an impeachment trial.”

“Mitch McConnell can say, ‘Well, if you’re not going to send them over, I don’t care. We’re not we’re not going to deal with it,’” Jarrett said. “Nancy Pelosi, though, could then use it as a cudgel to hit Trump over the head at every turn — add things to it.”

“Simply change the rule, hold a trial, do it. Do it on your own terms,” Jarrett advised McConnell.


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