Hannity argues Biden appeasement of Democrats’ left wing is ‘sign of weakness’ in former VP

Presumptive Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden is facing a “quandary” over how to find common ground between the party’s center and its left wing, Fox News host Sean Hannity told “The Daily Briefing” on Tuesday.

“I understand the dilemma they are in and I think it’s a sign of weakness of Joe Biden,” the “Hannity” host and author of the new book  “Live Free or Die: America (and the World) on the Brink,” told Dana Perino. “They want to say to the country that they are moderate, but yet they don’t feel strong enough that their base, that the ‘Bolshevik Bernie [Sanders]’ base of the party will vote for him unless he adopts those socialist ideas …”


“I’ll tell you what,” Hannity added, “even [with Biden] appeasing them, I don’t even think they’re going to go out with any real enthusiasm or energy to vote for him.”

Hannity was responding to the former vice president’s wife, Jill Biden, who insisted on “The Daily Briefing” Tuesday that her husband is a moderate with “progressive and bold and forward-thinking” ideas.

“But,” she emphasized, “he’s not someone who’s left, he’s not someone who is right, he’s a moderate and that’s who he’s always been.”

Perino had observed to the former second lady that some of the policies Biden has embraced during this primary and in conversations with Sanders appear to be “a lot more progressive even than during the Obama years.”

On Wednesday, Hannity argued that the lack of moderates in today’s Democratic Party makes the upcoming election the most critical choice “of our time.”


“You’ve got all these candidates, they always moved to the left or the right to get whatever nomination and then they moved to the center,” he explained. ” Here, Joe Biden not only didn’t move to the center, he took on Bolshevik Bernie’s economic plan, AOC’s New Green Deal … so the difference now is, nobody in this modern, new, extreme, Democratic-Socialist party is moderate.

“And while there might be controversy about Donald Trump’s style for some people —  I happen to be a bit of a brawler my whole life, so I don’t mind controversy and I don’t mind fighting back, ” Hannity went on, “but I’ll tell you, he also fought and got done every conservative principle that he ran on.”

Fox News’ Talia Kaplan contributed to this report.

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