Hannity warns mayor who won’t fully reopen without COVID-19 ‘cure’: Don’t expect us to bail you out

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Sean Hannity warned Los Angles Mayor Eric Garcetti Thursday night that if he chooses to keep some coronavirus-induced restrictions in effect until a vaccine is available, the local economy will pay a heavy price.

“If you want to wait till there is a cure, that’s fine. But don’t expect the rest of America to fund your show …” Hannity said on his television program. “You want to make that decision? You think it’s in your best interests? That’s on you. And you will have to pay for all of that.”


During an appearance on ABC’s “Good Morning America” Wednesday, Garcetti warned that Los Angeles will “never be fully open until we have a cure” for COVID-19.

Hannity said most Americans don’t want to live in fear and that the country has learned from the experience of the past two months.

“Remember, this is the land of the free, the home of the brave. Most Americans are not going to cower in fear, but we will learn the lessons that we have learned the last few months. We did the lockdown,” Hannity said. “We listened to the experts, even those that were dead wrong … We did, thankfully, flatten the curve. We learned some lessons, some from success and some from failure.”

The host also said states can learn from Texas, Florida and Georgia — who have started to reopen and where the numbers of coronavirus cases have not accelerated despite increased testing.


“We can learn from Florida. We can learn from Texas, we can learn from Georgia,” Hannity said. “And that means that places like New York, L.A., if you want to stay locked down for months or even years … your cities will turn into ghost towns and America’s economy, your economies will face permanent damage.”

“Now, states that elect smarter governors that don’t tax their citizens to death and actually pay off their pensions and don’t take on big debts and deficits, don’t expect them to bail you out,” Hannity warned, “because they won’t be doing it.”

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