‘He Is Such a Risk’

Male-to-female transgender activist and provocateur Jessica Yaniv was reportedly taken into custody by the Royal Canadian Mounted Police once again this month.

According to The Post Millennial, Yaniv was arrested over the weekend and “spent time behind bars” for the alleged Jan. 14 assault of Rebel Media reporter Keean Bexte outside a British Columbia Provincial Court.

Already infamous for failed discrimination suits lodged last year against several female estheticians who declined to wax his male genitalia, Yaniv was reportedly exiting the courthouse after an arraignment on unrelated charges when he kicked off a short altercation with Bexte, eventually lunging at and allegedly punching the reporter.

“I hope the Crown prosecutes him to the fullest extent legally available to them,” Bexte told The Western Journal. “He needs to be taken off the streets.”

Video of the incident was captured on Bexte’s phone and went viral on social media later that day as the journalist reportedly nursed a headache, tweeting, “J. Yaniv just punched me in the back of the head. Just spoke to police … I need an advil.”

Two of the court’s exterior cameras also reportedly captured video of the incident, which transpired after Bexte had asked Yaniv several times throughout the day whether he would be pleading guilty.

Available video then reveals Yaniv chasing after Bexte, reaching for the reporter’s camera and grappling with him before the unseen punch is thrown.

“Get away from me! Get away!” Yaniv yells afterward, still following the reporter. “Get the f— away from me!”

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Yaniv can also be heard telling Bexte he doesn’t “give a s—” whether the police are called over the alleged assault — an unsurprising premise considering similar video exists of Yaniv in an altercation with another Rebel Media reporter last summer over questions about alleged illicit sexual contact with a minor.

Facing up to five years in prison for the alleged assault, Yaniv “has since been released from custody, on a promise to appear in court” in February, Bexte told The Western Journal.

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“It’s unfortunate, because he is such a risk to the people around him,” the reporter added.

This will be the second of several court appearances for Yaniv next month, as the activist will also be forced to return regarding the two prohibited-weapons charges he initially faced at the start of the new year.

Yaniv currently faces up to six months in prison for knowingly possessing two illegal stun guns, according to previous reports from The Post Milennial. He is also being sued in civil court by both Bexte and The Post Millennial’s Amy Eilleen Hamm, who alleges Yaniv defamed her with false allegations of sexual assault.

Do you think Yaniv’s track record makes him a danger to himself and others?

The transgender activist has been unwilling to speak with reporters regarding any of the aforementioned allegations, but did tweet shortly after Bexte’s alleged assault on Jan. 14, saying, “A girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do.”

The Western Journal reached out to Jessica Yaniv for comment but did not immediately receive a response.

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