Howie Mandel Wears Hazmat Suit on ‘AGT’ Set After Co-Host Heidi Klum Falls Ill


Television personality Howie Mandel is doing all he can to keep from getting sick, including wearing a full-blown hazmat suit to work.

Mandel, who is a judge on “America’s Got Talent” alongside Sofia Vergara, Simon Cowell and Heidi Klum, is going all-out to stay healthy and avoid getting the coronavirus.

A self-professed germaphobe, Mandel joked about how he scarcely needed to breathe to do his job — as long as he can exhale, he can judge, all while avoiding any hidden germs.

“I don’t shake hands and now I’ve taken it to another level: I don’t inhale. I am not inhaling,” Mandel told Entertainment Tonight.

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When asked how he could serve as a judge without taking in oxygen, Mandel joked he “doesn’t need to inhale to judge.”

“I can judge with a big exhale,” he declared. “Like, ‘Woo! You were fantastic.’”

After Klum fell ill and missed work earlier this week, Mandel showed up to the AGT set wearing his hazmat suit, Fox News reported.

Klum’s colleagues initially thought perhaps she had food poisoning, but details of the 46-year-old supermodel’s illness have not been disclosed, the outlet reported.

Mandel seems to be taking the recent coronavirus news with a good sense of humor and a dose of precaution.

He posted a photo of himself on social media wearing a bike helmet and holding a roll of toilet paper, which has become highly-coveted in many parts of the country.

“Stores out of water and masks,” he wrote. “Just a helmet and toilet paper.”

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Mandel’s preventative measures have apparently extended to his family members as well, as evidenced by a photo Mandel posted of his daughter Jackelyn wearing a face mask of her own.

“FaceTime with my kid,” the AGT judge wrote.

Season 15 of AGT is set to debut in May, which Mandel dubbed as a “don’t-miss” television series.

“This is the one show that has something for everybody, and if there is a moment that is not titillating to you and wonderful and exciting, just wait 60 seconds,” Mandel told ET.

“There is something completely different, so there is something for everybody of every age from every place.”

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