‘I Couldn’t Bring Myself To Apologize’ 

Texas salon owner Shelley Luther told Sean Hannity on Thursday why she defied the lockdown order in her state and kept her Dallas business open even after she was sent to jail.

Luther: ‘I couldn’t bring myself to apologize’

Luther appeared on Hannity’s Fox News show after an executive order from Texas Governor Greg Abbott freed her. Hannity asked her why she didn’t simply apologize when the judge asked.

“I just couldn’t, I couldn’t bring myself to apologize,” she replied.


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Luther said that after government leaders kept delaying the date for reopening businesses, she had to reopen for the sake of her stylists and their families.

“When he finally pushed it back a final time, I just said, I just woke up one day and I said, ‘I have to open. My stylists are calling me, they’re not making their mortgage.’ I was, at, right now, I still am not caught up, I’m two months behind on my mortgage,” she explained.

Her Employees Were Struggling

“My stylists were telling me that they want to, you know, ‘What do you think if I go underground and go to people’s houses?’” Luther said.

“And I just said, you know that’s not a good idea, because we can’t control the environment there. We don’t know if it’s been disinfected or anything like that, and I just decided that I would reopen to create a safe space for the stylists,” she added. “And to make sure I wasn’t the reason that they weren’t making money.”

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Luther Reopened Responsibly

Luther explained that she obeyed social distancing rules and disinfected her work spaces at her salon after reopening.

Hannity said that he was donating to her salon in order to help her business and its employees.

The widespread nationwide backlash over Shelley’s sentence led to Governor Abbott removing jail time as a punishment for resisting the lockdown order. On Friday, Texas will begin a partial reopening of businesses.

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