If Delaying Ukraine Aid Is Impeachable, Is Pelosi Delaying American Aid Impeachable Too?

Thanks to COVID-19, free time for many of us now consists of activities of the homebound sort, including productive ones like catching up with those novels I always swore I would read (I’m focusing on Virginia Woolf and P.G. Wodehouse’s non-Jeeves books at the moment) and less productive ones like watching old NFL games uploaded to YouTube (mostly caught up on the 1998 Vikings season, everyone).

Reading political Twitter counts as one of the few in-between ones. Yes, I see plenty of brainless rants — this is mostly what Twitter is for, after all — but I also see stuff like Charlie Kirk’s thinking-man-emoji tweets.

If you’ve never paid attention to the Turning Point USA founder’s Twitter feed, you’re missing out. In the thinking-man-emoji tweets, he basically lists a few facts inconvenient to American liberaldom and then poses a question about it. He then adds one of those emojis with a guy stroking his chin as if he’s thinking.

It’s family fun for everyone, particularly when fun for this member of a family involves tracking down illegally uploaded 1996 Jacksonville Jaguars games on video streaming sites.

That fun is necessary in a world where House Speaker Nancy Pelosi held up a COVID-19 relief bill not once but twice.

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Could that be impeachable? You laugh, but Kirk has a good argument for why it could be.

“This is your daily reminder that Nancy Pelosi impeached President Trump for allegedly withholding aid from Ukraine,” he tweeted Tuesday.

“Democrats have blocked a Coronavirus relief package twice now … So should she be impeached for withholding aid from American citizens?”

Good point.

And by the way, it’s why she withheld that aid, which he also addressed in another similar tweet on Monday:

This is only part of what Pelosi’s grab-bag, introduced over the weekend, consisted of, however.

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The bill would have eliminated “a minimum of $10,000 of federal and private student loan debt for each indebted borrower.”

It would have mandated all airlines that took bailout money — which, let’s face it, which means all airlines — “offset their carbon emissions and reduce their overall emissions by 50 percent by 2050.”

It would have forced companies that accepted bailout money to disclose the “number and dollar value invested with minority-and-women owned suppliers … including professional services (legal and consulting) and asset managers, and deposits and other accounts with minority depository institutions, as compared to all vendor investments.”

Do you think that Nancy Pelosi’s COVID bill delayed relief to the American people?

There was $11 billion for a Postal Service bailout. Another $35 million for the Kennedy Center in D.C.. There were pro-organized-labor positions. All of this was unnecessary — and included.

All of this was why Pelosi held up the most important relief bill in a generation — a relief bill that had nothing to do with a market correction but instead a problem extrinsic to the economy.

And yet, holding up money to Ukraine was apparently an impeachable problem, something that we needed to spend months of our national political life on just so we could brand President Donald Trump with a scarlet “I.”

Keep in mind, we owed Ukraine nothing. In fact, we gave them just that during the Obama administration, at least when it came to military assistance. Congress felt it useful to delay that aid, and Trump felt delaying that aid to help Ukraine was also useful. The only reason he eventually had to release it, in fact, was a law that required him to do so.

Was Donald Trump delaying the aid for political reasons? This is what Nancy Pelosi was doing. Neither succeeded at getting what they wanted.

This, may I remind you, was something that barely resolved itself a few months ago. That feels like forever ago, I know, but there you go.

There’s a Charlie Kirk tweet for that, too:

Thinking-man-emoji indeed.

For now, it appears Congress is going to go into recess, which means a bit more of my entertainment will slip away. That, in fact, is the only reason Pelosi’s delay tactics didn’t get me completely apoplectic. That said, I would have preferred the 1996 Jaguars season.

Was it impeachable? No.

Horrible, yes.

That said, they believe in impeachment for delaying money, so why shouldn’t they face it? Of geese and ganders, right?

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