I’m Just A Kid TikTok Challenge Gives New Life to Old Pics

As people around the world stay home to prevent the further spread of coronavirus, many are spending a lot of time with their families.

And it looks like a new TikTok challenge is helping people wile away the hours with a modern twist on a trip down memory lane.

The “I’m Just A Kid” challenge is simple: re-create a childhood photo with your parents or siblings as adults and share the result on TikTok with Simple Plan’s “I’m Just A Kid” song as the soundtrack to the looping video.

The results tend to be hilarious with adults cuddling on their parents’ laps, teens re-creating awkward family photos with their adult siblings, and dads giving piggyback rides to their enormous sons. Some of the historical reenactments require a little help from technology and the directors use green screen tech to add some realism to the recreation. As the challenge goes viral, their efforts are appreciated by people staying home and looking for a little distraction right now, and perhaps, their own families.

See some of the participants in action with the “I’m Just a Kid” challenge below.

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