Impeachment, Pete Buttigieg, Amazon: Your Friday Briefing

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Good morning.

We’re covering the latest developments in the impeachment trial and last night’s Democratic presidential debate. We’re also introducing a major project involving the largest known leak of location-tracking data.

Ms. Pelosi is seeking to pressure Senator Mitch McConnell, the Republican majority leader, over the terms of the trial. But she also risks appearing to politicize a process that she has presented as a somber constitutional duty.

Some Democrats have suggested the possibility of denying Mr. Trump the chance to clear his name by never sending the articles of impeachment to the Senate. Mr. McConnell’s response: “Fine with me!”

What’s next: House lawmakers left Washington on Thursday for a two-week recess, so the dispute is unlikely to be resolved until the new year.

Closer look: Mr. Trump and his re-election campaign have embraced the challenge of convincing voters that he is right and his accusers are wrong.

Related: Christianity Today, an evangelical magazine, called for Mr. Trump to be removed from office, the most notable dissent to date from the religious conservative base that has long supported him. (Read its editorial here.)

Twenty years ago, the online retailer began allowing companies to list items on its site for a cut of the sale, enabling Amazon to become the one-stop shop that it’s known as today.

The Times recently obtained a data file that contained 50 billion pings from more than 12 million smartphones, revealing the exact locations and activities of millions of people in America over several months from 2016 to 2017. The information was provided to us by sources who were alarmed by the power of the location-tracking industry.

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