In Midst of Iowa Debacle, Chris Matthews Thinks Even Adam Schiff Could Be 2020 Nominee


Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders, the independent infiltrator in the Democratic presidential primary, has shaken up his party.

Democrats are so shaken that rumors began circulating that former Secretary of State John Kerry might run.

Kerry summarily dismissed those rumors.

And now an MSNBC host has suggested that California Rep. Adam Schiff could be the one to wrest the party back from the democratic socialist.

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Schiff’s name was raised by MSNBC anchor Chris Matthews during a roundtable during which the panel was discussing what could happen in the event of a contested convention.

“What happens if somebody has 45 percent or 42 percent? It’s not close, and nobody else has that much. Does everybody else buckle to that, can you go to somebody who isn’t running?” Matthews asked his guests.

“No, you can go to anyone,” former Rep. Steve Israel of New York said. “You can go to Chris Matthews if they want to.”

“How about Adam Schiff?” the host asked. “Could they all agree, ‘Let’s give it to Schiff?’”

Do you think the Democratic Party is in shambles?

The panel agreed that former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg could also emerge as a possible alternative to Sanders as the party becomes more desperate.

“Bernie is a tough fighter. He doesn’t look like a guy who is going to quit and give his marbles to somebody else,” the host said.

It is tough to blame them. Imagine how terrified they are that an avowed socialist could be taking over one of the two major parties in the United States.

You could see the panic on their faces this week when the realization that Sanders either won or tied in Iowa began to sink in.

Now the party’s leader, Tom Perez, is calling for a recanvassing of Iowa in what looks to many to be a last-ditch effort to stop Sanders.

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“Enough is enough,” Perez, the Chair of the Democratic National Committee, tweeted on Thursday after 97 percent of the Iowa vote had been reported.

“In light of the problems that have emerged in the implementation of the delegate selection plan and in order to assure public confidence in the results, I am calling on the Iowa Democratic Party to immediately begin a recanvass,” he wrote.

This is the look of a ship that has no rudder. The Democrats have no one in whom they are confident enough to take on President Donald Trump and his booming economy.

And when the only option you think you have remaining is the left-wing loon and king of the impeachment hoax, Adam Schiff, you have begun to scrape the bottom of the barrel.

Democrats had three years to craft a candidate to face perhaps the most charismatic president in history, and they have landed on Andy Kaufman’s stunt double.

Sad times indeed.

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