It’s good to be Donald Trump today

Everything is falling into place.

It’s great to be Donald J. Trump this morning — right now is about as good as it’s ever been since he became president three years ago.

The latest impeachment hoax will be over this afternoon, his approval ratings are at an all-time high, the State of the Union address is in the can and most importantly, his Democrat opponents are so desperate that they’re reduced to stealing their own intramural elections from one another.

Joe Biden has fallen and he can’t get up. It didn’t matter that they killed the final poll before the caucuses, because he was already in free fall. The national Democrats made it even worse for him when they arranged the schedule of the impeachment “trial” in the Senate so that Biden was the only major candidate in the Hawkeye State for days before the Monday night caucuses.

The more Biden had Iowa to himself, the faster he fell in the polls. Every night was a gaffe-a-palooza on TV. On Super Bowl weekend, they flew in reinforcements, including Rep. Steve Lynch, D-South Boston.

No matter what they did, though, the hacks couldn’t pull it out for Uncle Joe, who like the original Uncle Joe in Petticoat Junction, is movin’ kinda slow at the junction. Let’s go to the video.

Joe is stumbling around the stage in Cedar Rapids as we join the meltdown in progress:

“I been doing this, I hate to acknowledge it … how you doin’ man?”

He has spotted someone, or something – Lynch perhaps? Or maybe just a hallucination?

“Great to see ya … This is one-a – the leaders in Mass legis–, a really really really really fine man … .”

He just can’t think of what’s-his-name’s name. But does he get extra credit for remembering what state Lynch hails from?

“Anyway…. Oh… thanks for bein’ here.”

Wherever here is. In whatever century Biden thinks he’s in at this particular moment.

“Speakin’ of loyalty, speakin’ of loyalty… God love ya… thank you… but any rate uh the fact is that uh  um… I forgot what the hell I was gonna say… Excuse my language.”

So the Iowa Dems finally released some caucus “results” late Tuesday afternoon, showing Mayor Pete Buttigieg clinging to a slight lead. That becomes the lead story on the news, at least for an hour or two, until the State of the Union address, and then this afternoon, the acquittal of President Trump in the Senate.

When the other 38% of the Iowa results trickle in, maybe, let’s say probably, Bernie wins. But by then it’ll be too late. The news cycle will have moved on.

Either way, win or lose, Bernie gets no “mo” going into the New Hampshire primary next week.

Mission accomplished!

That’s the way the national Democrat party looks at it, I guess. They want to stop the Brooklyn Bolshevik Bernie, at any cost, including the ridicule and anger their stunt engendered yesterday.

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