It’s Too Late For Dems, They’ve Already Accepted Socialism But America Still Has A Chance

It is too late for the Democrats. They have accepted the Socialists and ANTIFA as part of their party. They favor gun confiscation and taxation. They support the dissolution of the Electoral College and the Republic. There is only one choice, four more years of Trump wins.

A voter who votes for a socialist lacks financial literacy and is more than likely envious of what others have.

U.S. moderate liberals have been saying that the excessively woke nonsense and identity politics far left fixation was NOT what the majority wanted and was undoubtedly not viable on the national stage. Still recall being vilified by far-left woke social justice warriors for my views. Well, guess what: Twitter is not the real world. Welcome to reality.

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This shouldn’t be a newsflash for Americans, but Democrats need help. Americans want a President that will put the concerns of EVERYONE above the interests of just the Left or the Right, and even though Pres. Trump tweets like a screaming banshee, his actions are for ALL Americans!

Young voters fail to realize that we older folks like modest changes at a time rather than drastic change that will affect us older people rather than them.

We don’t want to pay for all the freebies that younger voters want and expect. Younger voters are not taking into account that all of the things that Sanders promises to do depends on Congress, not Sanders, to enact, and I can’t believe that Congress would ever agree to enact drastic changes to the budget that would increase our debt to such an extreme degree. It will never happen, and if they did agree to enact a policy that Sanders wants, it would be watered down to such a degree that it would never be free.

Young voters have not learned that nothing is ever free and that you have to work for the things that you want to achieve. It is also true that it is we older voters who go vote in large numbers, and Biden, as an experienced older politician, knows that it is we older voters that he has to get in his corner. Biden may bumble his way through, but you can’t deny that he has the experience to work with Congress to get his ideas enacted.

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Sanders NEVER learned to work with Congress. Check his record on getting his bills through Congress. Congress tends to ignore him as a Senator. Why? Because he is too much of a Socialist/Communist. Always has been.

Most 60 and 70-year-olds who spent the 1960s protesting and calling for revolution have outgrown it. Bernie Sanders, not so much. Maybe the younger voters are starting to realize that they will have to pay for all of this stuff Sanders and Warren were promising. My daughter, when she got her first paycheck and realized how much taxes are taken out, complained to high heaven.

For the last two years, Socialist politicians have been the darlings of the mainstream media, pushing and indoctrinating the nation to their liberal view of free for all concepts. Universal healthcare, the climate change agenda, and income inequality are all socialistic philosophies. They are all ways to control more of the masses.

Socialism has only two classes, (1) the poor, which comprise 90 percent of the population. (2) The wealthy will include the other 10 percent and consist of politicians and the super-rich, both will control the police, military, and money. Once you establish a Socialist Country, it is almost impossible to change it. NOTE: Why do you think the Democrats are trying to remove all firearms and ammunition from private citizens? Citizens in Socialists Countries cannot/do not own legal firearms. All but the ten percenters will be considered poor low-class citizens.

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Let’s face it, folks, if the current Democrat candidates are the “best American Democrats have” the UNITED STATES of AMERICA is coming to an end as we know it. America will morph into something resembling Russia, China, Iran, and the UK all rolled up into some horrible life-consuming creature. Families will all need to protect themselves because this new country will consume everyone and everything.

Sanders had no chance in 2016 or this year. His presence only served to magnify the fractured mess the party has become.

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