John Bolton, Bobby Berk, Rodney Strong, Bernie Bros Bullying, Andrew Yang, ChiChi LaRue, Pet Shop Boys: HOT LINKS

WITNESSES. Bolton manuscript may spur GOP calls for testimony: “Just days ago, the Senate GOP appeared ready to defeat a vote to hear more witnesses sought by Democrats. But that dynamic appears shaken…” LINDSEY GRAHAM. I want to see the manuscript

RODNEY STRONG. Sonoma County vineyard springs leak, and thousands of gallons of wine have poured into the Russian River.

Bernie Sanders presidential campaign

INTERNET ARMY. New York Times asks why the Bernie bros won’t listen when he tells them to stop bullying: “When Mr. Sanders’s supporters swarm someone online, they often find multiple access points to that person’s life, compiling what can amount to investigative dossiers. They will attack all public social media accounts, posting personal insults that might flow in by the hundreds. Some of the missives are direct threats of violence, which can be reported to Twitter or Facebook and taken down.”


2020. Andrew Yang qualifies for New Hampshire debate stage: “Yang is the seventh candidate to qualify for the debate — which will be hosted by ABC News, WMUR-TV and Apple News — joining Joe Biden, Pete Buttigieg, Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Tom Steyer and Elizabeth Warren.”

LGBTQ EQUALITY AWARD. Human Rights Campaign to honor Jeremy O. Harris and Matthew Lopez.

ALL STOCKED UP. Elton John bought a ton of Gwyneth Paltrow’s vagina candles.

HEROIC LIFT OF THE DAY. Passers-by rush to lift SUV trapping woman in NYC. “She’s out!” a man can be heard yelling as the dramatic scene unfolded about 5:10 p.m. on the corner of Delancey and Norfolk Sts. The 25-year-old woman miraculously escaped serious injury.

WEST HOLLYWOOD. Circus of Books reopens as ChiChi LaRue’s Circus: “Where the old Circus of Books was a dark and somewhat dingy cruising spot with most of the windows covered up—some by the drop ceilings—the new space is voluminous, abounding with glass tables stacked with gay art books, freshly painted carnation-pink walls, and tangerine Kandinsky chairs. The newly installed department-store-sized windows allow passersby to glimpse leather-clad mannequins—or a mirrored wall of lube (“Vaseline Alley”)—beside a bright white poppers bar, and a white-walled gallery with a curated selection of LGBTQ coffee table books and art by local LGBTQ artists.”

MALE MODEL MONDAY. Chand Smith, Tyler James, Chad White, Devin Goda and MORE.

IRAN. Aging airliner skids off runway onto street. “An aging Iranian passenger airliner carrying 144 people crash-landed on a runway and skidded onto a major highway next to an airport Monday, the latest crash in the Islamic Republic as U.S. sanctions bar it from parts or new aircraft.”

PODCAST OF THE DAY. Graham Norton interviews The Pet Shop Boys.

RENOVATION REVIEW OF THE DAY. Interior designer and reality television star Bobby Berk sits down with Architectural Digest to revisit every home renovation he’s overseen on the Netflix series “Queer Eye.”


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