John Mulaney Rips ‘Stupid Idiot Democrats’ Who Came at Him for Saying He’d Play Pete Buttigieg in a Movie: WATCH

In an interview on The Tonight Show, actor John Mulaney reacted to Pete Buttigieg’s remarks that he’d choose Mulaney to play him in a movie.

Said Mulaney: “I’m hoping for it. I’ve been offered two movies and I am in both of them. I am hoping for it. I think it’s cool. I’m from the midwest and he’s the mayor of South Bend.”

“I think I tweeted that and then people were mad — other Democrats — I’m a Democrat, I’m fun I’m nice and stuff, and they were like, ‘How dare you! No. Bad Democrat! Bad Democrat! …. he’s not good enough as a Democrat.’ and I said ‘Ok, all right.’”

“You’re not supporting him, you’re just going to play him in a movie,” gasped Fallon.

Replied Mulaney sarcastically: “Also, he’s an openly gay veteran of the military so it’s a real good idea to turn on him violently, other Democrats, stupid idiots.”

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