“Justice is Supposed to be Blind. Bill Barr Can’t See That.”

“Justice is Supposed to be Blind. Bill Barr Can’t See That.” – Comey Attacks AG Barr in WaPo Op-Ed…AGAIN!

James Comey

Fired FBI Director James Comey attacked US Attorney General Bill Barr again on Tuesday in a WaPo op-ed.

Comey obviously feels threatened by Bill Barr because this is the second time he has attacked the Attorney General in one week!

The Democrat-media complex began attacking Barr after he smacked down Mueller’s prosecutors for abusing Roger Stone by recommending a 7 to 9 year prison sentence for process crimes.

Comey wrote a Washington Post op-ed titled, “Justice is supposed to be blind. Bill Barr can’t see that.”

The obligation of all Justice employees is to protect that reservoir, to pass it to those who follow, who will likely never meet or know them.

The problem with reservoirs is that it takes tremendous time and effort to fill them, but one hole in a dam can drain them quickly. The protection of that reservoir requires vigilance, an unerring commitment to truth and a recognition that the actions of one may affect the priceless gift that benefits all.

If Justice Department employees are no longer seen as something separate in American life, we are all less safe. If jurors, judges, victims, witnesses, cops and sheriffs come to see them as part of a political tribe, and so trust them less, something essential is lost.

Now, one person, Attorney General William P. Barr, threatens the reservoir of trust. From the beginning, this attorney general has echoed the president, aping his dishonest characterizations of the department’s work and appearing to respond to President Trump’s self-interested demands for new investigations and prosecutions. And the water began draining. Last week, it started gushing out when the attorney general intervened in a case involving one of the president’s friends to overrule the sentencing recommendation of career prosecutors.

This is rich coming from the same FBI director who announced there will be no charges against Hillary Clinton despite admitting she broke the law many times by using a private server to conduct official government business.

Comey usurped the DOJ and made this announcement during a July 2016 press conference just days after then-AG Loretta Lynch met with Hillary’s husband Bill Clinton on a tarmac at Phoenix Int’l Airport.

President Trump ultimately fired Comey for his mishandling of the Hillary Clinton investigation.

Spare us the lecture on how “justice is supposed to be blind,” Comey.

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