Live results, updates from the first in the nation caucuses

A bar where the hamburger is cheaper than a can of chew

Grant, Iowa, population 92 as of 2010, is hosting a Democratic caucus for the first time ever Monday evening — and it’s being held at The Hayloft, the town’s local bar and grill.

The Hayloft is owned by Zelda Swartz, a spry 74-year-old open Republican who’s run this establishment for 48 years. Hamburgers cost $2.50. There’s a Skoal chew dispenser behind the bar, at $7 a can.

The original plan was to host this precinct at Grant’s firehouse, just up the road, but they declined, Swartz said, because they would have to move the trucks outside. So the Iowa Democratic Party called Swartz. Of course, she said.

The front bar features signs and a TV in the far corner — and would later host a Grant City Council Meeting before the caucus. A rustic vibe fills the back room, where farm memorabilia is scattered, old signs hang and a pool table sits prominently. In the back, horse saddles and a Santa-like sleigh sit in the back.

On the floor, supporters for Amy Klobuchar, Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Pete Buttigieg claimed tables on both sides. They are friendly with one another and are collectively hopeful that 30 people show up to help decide who will receive the three delegates up for grabs in Montgomery County’s fifth precinct.

– Cody Goodwin, Des Moines Register

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