Loesch: Dems Spent More Effort Coordinating Colors Than They Did on This Investigation

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(CNSNews.com) – Conservative talk radio host Dana Loesch on Thursday accused House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) and the Democrats of spending more time coordinating their colors than they spent on finding fact and truth in the Ukraine investigation.

In an interview with “Fox and Friends,” Loesch mocked Pelosi’s black attire during the House impeachment vote, saying it “sounds like an epic Halloween costume.”

Host Steve Doocy read the headline from the cover of the New York Post: “President Trump Impeached, Swamp Mistress Pelosi Dresses in Black for Historic Vote, It’s Your Funeral.”

“That sounds like an epic Halloween costume. I mean that just gave me ideas for next year for a theme. I don’t know why so much effort was spent on wardrobe when so little effort was spent on actually finding fact and truth in this investigation. They spent more effort coordinating their colors than they did on efforting this investigation, and everyone in America sees this,” Loesch said.

“This is what I don’t think Democrats realize. First off, they still don’t understand why Trump won, and they still don’t understand the electorate, and they think that by dressing like, by appropriating Johnny Cash and appearing in black that that’s going to distract from the fact that there were actually gleeful for all of the talk of being somber,” she said.

“What was it, Adam Schiff was celebrating with a steak dinner the night before, and I saw that the photo that was circulating last night where Washington Post reporters were celebrating what they called ‘Merry Impeachmas’ in a tweet that was deleted but the Internet remembers so America sees this, and they aren’t seeing a serious investigation,” Loesch added.

In fact, they didn’t call any witnesses forward. It’s a complete sham. What Americans see though is that these people are the Grinch trying to rob them before Christmas. That’s what they see,” she said.

“We have heard this impeach, impeach, impeach since day one. I’m sure behind closed doors they’re jumping for joy. This is what they’ve wanted forever and then Nancy Pelosi gets up there to announce impeachment and then some people start to cheer, and she says, don’t you—wait ‘til you’re behind closed doors. This has got to be solemn. It’s got to be prayerful,” host Ainsley Earhardt said.

“This is one of the headlines this morning: ‘Democrats Begin to Applaud Impeachment Until Pelosi Gives Them a Look.’ And you remember that look, right, Dana? When you were talking in church, and your mom gives you that, don’t’ you do that?” Earhardt asked.

“Oh, yeah. Oh, my gosh, my mom’s face turned into an American eagle’s face. It was so stern. She would glare at me, and you knew that if you did anything else like the second coming was going to happen like right then. That was the look that Nancy Pelosi gave everyone,” Loesch said.

“Do you think she told them do not cheer?” Earhardt asked.

“Why are they doing that, Dana? Explain that. Why are they trying to hide the fact that we all know they hate the president and are excited to want to impeach him but why are they trying to play it off as if it’s prayer full and somber?” host Pete Hegseth asked.

“Yeah, prayerful and somber, because they think Americans are stupid,” Loesch said. “They think the electorate is stupid – the same electorate that they call racist and bigots because they didn’t vote for the elderly white woman.

“They think that those individuals, all those same people, many of whom were Democrats who were proud to pull the lever for Clinton all these years, but because they didn’t vote for his wife suddenly they are racist and bigots, because went for the guy who was talking about the jobs and manufacturing instead of bathrooms and pronouns,” she said.

“Suddenly, they’re bigots and racist, and now, well I guess you support collusion with Russia, even though it’s actually only one party, the party that lost, who tried to collude, actually conspire with Russia if you want to inject some criminality into it, and still lost. I mean how do you cheat and still lose?” Loesch asked.

“That is how much Americans were against the Democrats and their presidential candidate. So again, I just want to tell everyone out there, they’re getting robbed before Christmas. Don’t let your mandate get stolen,” she said. 



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