Man Lures Pelosi In for Photo, Watch Her Face Change When He Tells Her Off Instead

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may have thought she was about to have a photo opportunity with an adoring fan, but found out the truth when the disgruntled citizen dropped a bit of truth on her.

The California Democrat appeared to be enjoying a San Francisco 49ers game when she was noticed by a man who seemed to be intent on getting a photograph with her.

After the man asked for a photo, Pelosi stood up and joined him.

Instead of taking a snapshot of the man and the speaker, the device was recording their entire interaction.

Pelosi cracked a smile as the man reassured her that they are both fans of the 49ers. Then, in a matter of seconds, it all went downhill for her.

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“I just want to tell you,” the man said, “I don’t like what you’re doing to California.”

You have to hand it to her — in true career politician style, Pelosi never lost her smile. Although the enthusiasm in her eyes practically vanished after she realized she had been tricked, she managed to spit out a half-hearted “thank you” before sitting down.

The video was uploaded to the social media platform Tik Tok and eventually made its way to Twitter.

It’s no wonder many Californians are upset about the current condition of their state.

City governments and state leadership have been unable or unwilling to solve the epidemic of homeless people in the Golden State’s urban centers, leading to diseases and crime.

The filth on city streets is so bad that even grocery store aisles have been used as toilets by the state’s large transient population.

Besides having to deal with human waste and the everyday threat of crime, Californians are now losing out on investments thanks to inept leadership.

Crumbling infrastructure and the general uncleanliness in the San Francisco Bay area led to one major tech company to shift gears and move its multimillion-dollar conferences to a neighboring state.

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Will Nancy Pelosi and the Democrats succeed in ousting President Donald Trump?

Of course, while California burns, Nancy Pelosi and the other Democratic leaders have instead focused on their attempt to overthrow President Donald Trump through the process of impeachment.

Despite claiming the seriousness of impeachment, however, Pelosi has effectively frozen it, seemingly over fear it would be shredded after moving into the Senate.

Pelosi and other California politicians would do well to listen to their constituents — it’s always better to discover they’re not happy during a 49ers game than on Election Day.

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