Marc Short says State of the Union invite proves impeachment is dead

The chief of staff for Vice President Mike Pence said Sunday that the invitation President Trump received to give the State of the Union address in February is proof Democrats know that the impeachment case is going nowhere.

In an interview with “Fox News Sunday,” Marc Short said House Speaker Nancy Pelosi had boxed herself into an “untenable” position on impeachment — trying to appease her party’s base while knowing the Senate isn’t going to convict Mr. Trump.

Host Chris Wallace asked Mr. Short specifically about Friday’s State of the Union invite, for the president to address a joint session of Congress the night after the Iowa caucuses.

“We think her case is going nowhere, yes, and I think the president looks forward to addressing the whole country on Feb. 4 to talk about how well this country is doing,” Mr. Short replied.

He also noted that the timing of the invite itself — two days after the House voted to charge Mr. Trump with abuse of power and obstruction of Congress charges — as further proof that impeachment is just political theater.

“I think it’s the same thing, Chris. In the midst of the impeachment, we had 15 to 20 House Democrats over in a black-tie event for a Christmas party with the president. It’s like, how serious are they really doing this, or, again, is it really just a political exercise to placate the radical left of their base? That’s what we think this has been all along. It’s why this was the seventh impeachment vote. It wasn’t the first,” he said.

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