Netflix Release Date, Time and Everything Else to Know About Last Eight Episodes

Fans will soon have to say farewell to the problematic, self-centered, narcissistic and yet somehow beloved BoJack Horseman.

The final eight episodes of the BoJack Horseman series are set for release on Netflix Friday. Subscribers will find the second part of Season 2 available on their Netflix homepage at 3 a.m. ET.

The series will pick up right where it left off, with BoJack continuing his quest to becoming a better person. He’s spending less time in “Hollywoo” and teaching courses at Wesleyan. He’s finally putting the bottle down and living a clean, alcohol-free lifestyle. He’s given up on dying his hair, too. But as the Season 6, part 1 finale teased, BoJack’s many indiscretions are coming to haunt him. Despite the many attempts he’s made to clean up his act, the former star actor will be forced to face the totality of his past actions.

The final season of “BoJack Horseman” will release on Netflix on January 31, 2020.
Courtesy of Netflix

One of the many reasons why the show has become such a hit with viewers is because of its satirical, no-holds-barred approach to unveiling the toxicity of Hollywood. The writers of BoJack Horseman poked and prodded at sexual harassment in the entertainment industry long before the #MeToo movement. And just as characters were given their due in episodes that addressed #MeToo, BoJack will also get what’s coming to him.

While happily-ever-after may not necessarily be in store for BoJack in the series finale, the now-sober horse will get a fitting ending, according to Will Arnett, who voices the character. “I tell people this: The last episodes of BoJack—it’s a very appropriate BoJack end,” Arnett told reporters at the 2020 Television Critics Association press tour in early January.

Noting the many messes BoJack made over the course of six seasons, Arnett suggested true fans wouldn’t even be interested in seeing the show end with “a neat bow tied on it.”

“Life doesn’t end that way anyway, generally,” he said. “Things are messy and complicated, you know? So I’m really satisfied with the way the show ends and I hope fans will be too.”

Meanwhile, BoJack’s closest friends Diane (Alison Brie) Princess Carolyn (Amy Sedaris)—his agent and one-time girlfriend—will be coming to terms with their own realities. Diane will finally get ahead of her depression (she’s taking meds now) while adjusting to life in Chicago with her boyfriend. As for Princess Carolyn, the new mom will continue to struggle with balancing her work life with her home life and take on a new movie with a feminist approach.

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